My old friend John Sellards is doing something big, bold, and exciting.

He’s leaving his job at the university where he’s worked for 12 years to launch his own design business. John’s main interest is designing for the music industry; he has an impressive list of clients and completed work already. You can see some of his work on his new website.

He’s following his passion and creating a life that will allow him to do more of the work he loves while spending more time with the people he loves, his wife and young daughter.

I want John to be wildly successful. I expect that John will be wildly successful.

I first put those words together this February while celebrating the launch of my friend Guy Harris‘ new book, From Bud to Boss.

That evening, I hopped in the car with Guy and his wife Sandra to head out for dinner. On the way, we talked about Guy’s career path, his family’s experiences over the past few years, and their hopes for the future. Leaning forward in my seat, I told Guy “I want you to be wildly successful.”

I want all my friends to be wildly successful.

My friend Angie Chaplin recently launched a new business. So far, it’s going really well; she’s building a client base for her social media and leadership services while being present, available, and engaged with her husband and sons.

My friend Lisa started a new blog at the end of last year.  A stay-at-home and homeschooling mom of three children, Lisa is using her writing talent to encourage others in their faith.

My friend Mike Henry Sr. has been working tirelessly to establish the Lead Change Group. He knows that we can change the world through character based leadership.

My friends David Burkus, Jesse Lyn Stoner, Chris Edmonds, and Pam Fox Rollin are all in the process of launching books. David’s book launched last week. The 2nd edition of Jesse’s book with Ken Blanchard will launch in April. Chris‘ and Pam’s books will launch in May.

David Pancost is a new friend who is working to establish a business. He has three goals: to build some awesome relationships, to support himself fully with work he finds online, and to help others achieve their own definitions of success.

How do you define wild success?

I imagine we all have different ideas about what success — wild success — looks like.

Whatever it is, I know that the path to wild success begins with doing what you love, with and for people you love. The path to wild success requires you to GIVE everything — your strengths, gifts, and abilities — to make a difference where  you are.

Wild success. Whatever it looks like: I want it for you. I expect it for you.

Tell me something! Are you on the path to wild success? How do you define wild success? What does it look like for you? What can I do to help you become wildly successful?

Note: you know the super awesome logo and header for my blog? My friend John Sellards designed it. Are you looking for some cool design for  your business? Email John.