These are challenging but changing times, and more than ever, women need to know how to position themselves at work. Many women focus on performance, thinking that good work garners promotion. Yet too often, unconscious bias and stereotypes create special challenges for women, and they’re left outside of the circles of power and influence where decisions are made that affect their careers.

Bonnie Marcus, president of Women’s Success Coaching and author of The Politics of Promotion, provides a framework for breaking into those circles and learning to navigate the complex rules and customs that hinder professional recognition for women. Her ongoing Women’s Empowerment Series offers the tools and guidance women need to successfully navigate the realities of their organization.

How to Step Into Your Power

In the first session of the Women’s Empowerment Series, Bonnie explained the subtle ways women give their power away — and how they can get it back. It’s no secret that society still isn’t comfortable with powerful women. And as ambitious women, we struggle to balance our desire to succeed and our need to be liked and accepted. As a result, we often give our power away.

Watch below to discover how we choose to use our power by unconsciously giving it away, consciously giving it away, or owning it. You will learn about the implications of the Doer trap, and be empowered to take control of your life and career!

Bonnie continues the Women’s Empowerment Series by considering how women can navigate a rapidly changing workplace. Watch the second installment below to learn how organizations can best support women in the workplace. Explore the idea of sponsorship of women by men, and consider how to effectively increase communication and interaction between men and women. You will gain a better understanding of the dynamics of office politics, and discover how women can use the tools in the political toolkit to become politically savvy!

Join Us Next Time

Join us for the next installment of the Women Empowerment Series on November 13, as Bonnie discusses how to develop personal authentic leadership. Discover how to best position yourself as a leader in a crowded field, and how to avoid some common traps that hold you back. This will be a valuable resource to anyone interested in self-development as a tool for leadership! Learn more & register here.