Having a flexible schedule is something any employee can appreciate. As a millennial, it was something I desired, but didn’t realize how available it was fresh out of college.

The Future Workforce Desires Flexibility

Traditionally, people were led to believe one must work for several years before they acquired the level of flexibility available for the Weaving Influence Team; but thanks to the amazing abilities of accessible technology, that’s not the case.

The future workforce is very vocal about our desire to have a stable job, but also one that provides flexibility. Some may think it’s asking for too much, but considering the evolution of the human ability to connect in the 21st century, it makes sense. Having the ability to have a healthy work-life balance is desirable for any one and a flexible schedule is an avenue to obtain that.

At Weaving Influence, we are able to have flexible work schedules because we have resources that support that lifestyle. We can connect with clients from different parts of the globe and connect them with the masses all at our fingertips.

Work-Life Balance and Flexibility

Photo credit: George Figueroa

Flexibility Creates Room for Adventure

I recently relocated from Northwest Ohio to Southern California. My fiancé and I thought about flying, but the thought of driving there would be a great way to travel and see more of the country, and it was. We were able to check out some of the lands our indigenous ancestors roamed and it was breathtaking. Flying would have definitely been easier, but with the ability to map out a trip on our phones, why not go for the adventure? Technology gave us the flexibility to change course safely and take a different path or return to the original one.

I have been eager to relocate to the West Coast for a while, and traditionally the tough part about that for anyone is making yourself hirable to a region where little-to-no professional relationships have been established.

Nevertheless, with companies like Weaving Influence who offer remote work opportunities, I can spend more time traveling — because, in a way, a job is available anywhere there’s a decent internet connection.

Flexibility Provides a Sense of Well-Being

Bob Johansen says in his new book, The New Leadership Literacies: “. . . the new ways of working will allow much greater flexibility and many more ways to make a living.”

Not only does flexible availability provide more freedom to roam for millennials like myself, but also for parents who want to cherish more time with their children and physically be more present for them.

Having the freedom to decide when to be available to work is great, even though that sometimes means being available for our clients and co-workers outside the 9-5. But honestly, I believe it brings a greater human element to the work that we do.

It’s not as simple as clocking in and out; rather, it’s trying to find the best way to establish a healthy work-life balance, all while knowing you can help others obtain and maintain one too.