You are not a failure.

Those voices in your head are vicious — I know, because I have battled them myself.

The whispers of self-doubt, the feelings of not measuring up, the belief that you can never do enough.

They’re lies.

The truth is this: you are enough. Your worth is not measured by your accomplishments nor is it diminished by mistakes. Your worth is something that never changes because it is based on who you are, not what you do.

You are enough.

You are not a failure.

It is not your job to live up to others’ expectations or to live by their standards.

If you live your life for the approval of others, you will constantly feel empty and disappointed because it is not possible to please everyone. That need for approval, it’s never satiated.

You are called to live each day to bring the best of what you have to those around you. If bringing your best allows you to meet someone’s expectations, it’s a beautiful bonus.

We do our best work out of love, not obligation.

When the praise comes, enjoy it. Bask in it, even. But do so with a recognition that those words of praise do not encompass your true and unchanging worth.

I am writing to myself, today, as this is a daily battle, but I am writing to you, too — because I want you to feel successful.

You are successful. You are enough.