If you have followed my story, you might know that I started my online career in 2009 as a leadership blogger and social media marketing specialist for Mountain State University.

During that time, I published nearly 300 posts on leadership topics.

Over the next few months, I am going to republish many of those posts in the archives here, for several reasons. The biggest reason is that Mountain State University has lost their accreditation and is likely dissolving. I would like to preserve the writing I created during that time, and share it with those of you who might have missed it the first time.

I am also interested in seeing how I’ve grown. Although I have a lot more growing to do in my life and as a leader, I’ve come a LOOOONNNNG way since those early days.

One thing I love about those early posts: I met many of you during that time, and your comments graced those posts. When I imported them to this site, they retained the original comments. Go ahead — click and see!

Here are the first five:

Litmus Test for Leadership I spent more time writing this post, the first on LeaderTalk, than I did on any other post in my life, ever.

What Are You Doing Right? This post reference The Office. In my early writing, I chose topics based on what words I perceived would be helpful for search engine optimization.

Sam Walton’s Leadership Legacy Again, looking for ways to get Google love.

What Would Your EQ Do? In this post, I incorporated a sticky leadership challenge I was experiencing at the time.

In Review: Leadership Beyond Reason by Dr. John Townsend My first ever leadership book review. I think I gave the book away. A good read!

See you next Monday, with five more posts from the LeaderTalk archives.

Tell me something! Are you a long time reader who met me during LeaderTalk days? If so, say hi in the comments. If not, how and when did you find me?