Have you ever noticed what happens when people appear on the jumbo-tron in a sports arena?

Suddenly, in that moment of recognition, they become more: they smile bigger; their faces light up; they make silly faces or dance. When a spotlight shines on people, they become their most beautiful, most energetic, and best selves.

I spent Saturday at Miller Park with my family, watching the Brewers lose (boo!) and observing people’s reactions to appearing on camera.¬†One happy bride-to-be appeared on camera several times with her bachelorette party friends. Even the repeated on camera exposure did not diminish her excitement.

The almost instantaneous and universal reaction displays one important lesson for leaders. When you give people positive attention, they will become more of their best selves.

Who doesn’t love being asked to talk about themselves? Their dreams? Their aspirations? Their likes and dislikes?

Who wouldn’t appreciate a kind, listening ear?

Can you slow down enough to put the spotlight upon someone else? To let them shine? To give them a moment to express themselves uniquely in the moment? How can you create jumbo-tron moments in your organization, giving people positive attention and recognition?