Embolden Yourself to Take More Risks

Embolden Yourself to Take More Risks

We’re throwing it back! This week we’re showcasing a guest post from Scott Mautz about taking risks (just in time for New Year’s resolutions, perhaps?).

As we take risks and try new things, we expand our horizons and get exposed to more. Our fear of the unknown diminishes as a result, and we’re more likely to try yet more new things.

As we broaden our horizons, we narrow our inhibitions.

What a wonderful virtuous cycle.

So, what holds us back?

For certain, many of us are working more in a culture of caution than courage. A study conducted by Blessing White found that 41 percent of employees said their manager never encouraged them to take risks, while another 33 percent said their manager only sometimes encouraged them to take risks. Behind this reluctance may lay fear, born from precedent or perception, for the negative consequences of failure.

Perhaps we don’t account for the cost of status quo, we don’t feel equipped to succeed when we do take risks, or we don’t feel we have the capacity to invest the effort it can take to see a risk through. Maybe the poison of practicality seeps into our veins – “I’d like to go for it, but realistically….”

Or maybe we don’t live our lives as if on any given flight someone won’t switch their phone to airplane mode.

Anyway, whatever the culprit, one thing’s for certain.

When our hesitance rules the day, inspiration can’t be our knight (see what I did there).

You can start small in risk taking. You can go big. Either way, the wonderful freedom from familiarity will encourage more and more risk taking.


Read Find the Fire to learn the 12 tactics of risk taking.

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Meet Scott Mautz

Hometown Guest Author Headshot

Scott Mautz is the CEO of Profound Performance – a keynote, workshop, coaching, and online training company that helps you “Work, Lead, & Live Fulfilled.” He is also a Procter & Gamble veteran who ran several of the company’s largest multi-billion dollar businesses, including their single largest, a $3 billion dollar division. At P&G, Scott consistently transformed business results and organizational/cultural health scores along with it. He is an award-winning keynote speaker and author of several books, including the recent Find the Fire as well as the bestselling book Make it Matter, a book that’s been named “The 2016 Leadership Book of the Year – First Runner Up” by Leadership & Management Books and a “Best 30 Book of the Year” by Soundview Business Books.

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