Developing others’ capacity involves providing exposure, opportunity, and challenge.

In order to grow, people need exposure; they need to be exposed to new ideas, new relationships, new environments, new technology, new ways of doing things. A leader’s role is to introduce others to new worlds, expanding their experiences and providing the tools they need to develop their capacity.

People need opportunity in order to develop their skills and abilities, to turn exposure to new ideas and relationships into action and practice.

Leaders who give others opportunity give more than just a one time experience. Opportunity helps people discover new abilities, develop strengths, and re-ignite latent ability.

By providing opportunity in the present, leaders help a person develop abilities that unlock future opportunities.

To be truly effective, leaders provide opportunities that challenge people beyond their current capacity. Challenges help people stretch and grow while giving them confidence.

Leaders who provide exposure, opportunity, and challenge help others develop their capacity.

Join the conversation:

How do you challenge others? What opportunities can you provide? In what ways do you expose others to new worlds?

Of the three components leaders provide to develop others, which do you find the most difficult?

This was originally posted at Mountain State University LeaderTalk and is re-posted with permission.