I received an email from a friend yesterday who talked about her desire for — and difficulty finding — a mentor.

I don’t have any formal mentors in my life, ones I meet with regularly and have agreements and goals with, but I do have several people who build into my life on a regular basis with guidance, encouragement, and insight. I have created an advisory board for Weaving Influence and I consider each of the individuals on the board to be informal mentors, people I can call on in tough moments. And, almost all of my clients have mentored me along the way as we partner together in our work together.

I am grateful for these informal mentors and partners. How did I find them? I met them — without exception — through the magic of social media, by showing up and seeking to make connections.

The Advisory Board of Weaving Influence

Jesse Lyn Stoner I met Jesse in the winter of 2011, while working on a leadership book launch. Since that time, Jesse has been a kind sounding board and an amazing connector (introducing and recommending me to clients and team members).

Whitney Johnson Whitney is one of the lovely women Jesse Stoner introduced me to. We launched Whitney’s book, Dare, Dream, Do in May of 2012. Whitney has given me tremendous support and shared wisdom as I’ve grown this business over the last year.

Mike Henry Mike is the founder of the Lead Change Group and I feel like I’ve known him forever, though we’ve never met in person. Mike is someone I call on when I need prayer and encouragement and he is always happy to listen and share his wise advice.

Wally Bock I met Wally during my early blogging days. Wally is a great friend and I enjoy our late afternoon catch-ups. Wally is always willing to share his expert advice and has been a part of my journey faithfully. Wally also holds the distinction of having linked to my blog posts more than anyone else!

Susan Mazza I met Susan through the Lead Change Group. She has coached me on some nuts and bolts business organization and some soft skills in creating agreements and trust on my team. She is a reliable friend and trusted resource for my entire team.

These five people are just a few of the powerful mentors I’ve met through social media and Weaving Influence. They’ve helped me redefine mentoring.

We’re celebrating the value of mentoring this week as we support the launch of Managers as Mentors by Chip Bell and Marshall Goldsmith. I’m pleased to invite you to join me for a webinar with Chip and Marshall on June 20, 2013 at 9 am ET. Sign up here.  Also, if you buy a copy of Managers as Mentors today, fill in this form and we’ll send you another (signed) copy to share with a friend. 

Tell me something! How do you find mentors? Have you met any mentors online?

P.S. If you enjoyed this post, you might enjoy this post I wrote, published on Jesse Stoner’s blog, “Who Can Be Your Mentor? Test Your Assumptions.”