Do you feel compelled to lead?

This week I started the training that I will need to complete to become an instructor for Mountain State University online.

Our online programs use Blackboard, and my exposure before this week consisted of logging in a handful of times to the Blackboard platform used by our Doctorate students, to get to know them and read some of their work.

Now that I am enrolled in an actual course, I am motivated to learn Blackboard, and I’ve been logging in about twice a day to make sure I am fulfilling my course responsibilities.

One of my early observations about myself in this course: My desire to lead and direct others is irresistible.

I have written before, and I believe, that leadership is for everyone. People who want to be effective in leading others can learn how. Leadership is not about a position as much as it is about taking action and practicing a set of habits, deciding to make a difference.

But I wonder, also, if leadership is an infectious condition, one you can “catch” from others or re-infect yourself with, again and again.

I see a need, and I want to step up and meet it.

I join a group, and start to think about what I could do to help it run smoothly.

It feels as natural as breathing, and I jump in and get involved.

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What about you? Do you find the desire to lead irresistible? How can leaders “infect” others with this condition?

This was originally posted at Mountain State University LeaderTalk and is re-posted with permission.