Weaving Influence has the privilege of hosting the June 2022 Leadership Development Carnival! We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, development, engagement, motivation, productivity, team building, and more.


Jennifer V. Miller writes 6 Phrases to Get a Derailed Conversation Back on Track. Jennifer summarizes: “Conversation gone off the rails? Communication snafus? Get back on track with one of these six statements.” Find Jennifer on Twitter at @JenniferVMiller.

Diana Peterson-More shared The Importance of Using Neutral Language in the Workplace. Diana explains: “We, humans, are a bundle of many things: We are intellectual, rational, and emotional beings, and we don’t leave our emotions at the door. Yet, words can be swords or shields, and the words we chose can unite or divide us.” Find Diana on Twitter at @DianaPMAuthor.


Frank Sonnenberg contributed Compliments Are Not Always Helpful. Frank explains: “Fishing for compliments is not always in your best interests. If you discourage folks from pointing out your shortcomings, you’ll never grow.” Follow Frank on Twitter at @fsonnenberg.

Marcia Reynolds of Covisioning Transformational Leadership provided The One Word That is Holding You Back. Marcia shares: “No matter if you are clear about what you want to create or change in your future, if you use this one word, you will stop yourself from moving forward.” Connect with Marcia on Twitter at @marciareynolds.

Sean Glaze of Great Results Team Building shared Five Crucial Questions Leaders Must Answer to Build a Positive & Profitable Workplace Culture. Sean writes: “The most successful managers and leaders have discovered that while strategy is about what you want to get done, it is workplace culture that determines how well your people will execute on those plans.” Find Sean on Twitter at @leadyourteam.

Lorrie Coffey of Horizonpointconsulting explains Is Your Organization in the Learning Zone? Lorrie writes: “A few years ago, I worked with a client that was going through some major changes and employee morale was at rock bottom. As I began speaking with employees one theme stood out, employees didn’t feel safe speaking up. They were working in an organization that fell into the Anxiety Zone.” Follow Lorrie on Twitter at @ohmyHR

Marcella Bremer of Positive Culture contributed Transformational Change for Organizations. Marcella considers: “Organizations can make a positive contribution to the current transition. But they need to change fast. Learn from Jan Rotmans, professor of transition science, what agility and resilience mean – and see how that connects to a positive organizational culture with a positive purpose.” Follow Marcella on Twitter at @MarcellaBremer.

Priscilla Archangel of Archangel & Associates provided Leading a Remote or Hybrid Team. Priscilla writes: “Some leaders are reluctantly moving forward with a remote or hybrid workforce while trying to figure out how to reinforce the culture when their in-person time with staffers is limited. But it’s still a time of conflicting expectations, and everyone needs greater clarity on the way forward.” Follow Priscilla on Twitter at @PrisArchangel

Julie Winkle Giulioni shared Redefining Ambition and Career Development. Julie explains: “Many definitions of ‘leadership’ exist; but the ones that always resonate for me involve an element of bringing people along, helping them grow and progress, and facilitating their development as people and their careers.” Julie on Twitter at @julie_wg.

Bill Treasurer of Giant Leap Consulting contributed What is Essential to Leadership? Bill explains: “What makes it difficult to prioritize what’s most essential to leadership is that we judge our leaders against too many criteria. Plus, what’s essential for a senior leader is probably not the same thing as what’s essential for a new leader. Given that, what would you include in your leadership program?” Follow Bill on Twitter at @btreasurer.

S. Chris Edmonds of The Purposeful Culture Group provided Culture Leadership Charge: Find Your Sweet Spot. In this video post, Chris shares: “Team members bring their best when they are respected and validated in ways that seamlessly include them . . . that involve them in options and decisions . . . and that gives them legitimate influence in their work and workplace. Anything less erodes engagement, service, and results, every time.” Follow Chris on Twitter at @scedmonds.

Jon Verbeck provided Cash Flow: Examine to Enhance. Jon writes: “Smart leaders understand the value of cash flow. There are ways to enhance it without getting too complicated. Here’s help for your small business!” Follow Jon on Twitter at @jonverbeck1

Ken Byler of Higher Ground Consulting Group contributed The Problem with Projection. Ken writes: “Why is it so easy to spot even the smallest sign of weakness in others while failing to acknowledge how large this problem may be in our life?”

Dana Theus of InPower Coaching writes Signs of a Toxic Boss: How Good People Can Succeed In the Executive Suite. Dana explains: “We’re very aware of the signs of a toxic boss and don’t want to be that. We strive to figure out how to be authentic, supportive of our team and successful at reaching the top even though we are not completely sure doing all that is even possible.” Find Dana on Twitter at @DanaTheus

Angela Hummel of Angela Hummel Consulting writes What We Permit, We Promote. Angela shares: “Top dogs. Cash cows. Highly compensated. Outstanding salespersons. No matter the name, they are prized across all industries. Yet, what do leaders do when these top performers behave poorly? These team members get results and sometimes behave badly in the process. Turning a blind eye to poor behavior from anyone on the team is never the best choice, even for the top performers. What we permit, we promote.” Follow Angela on Twitter at @AngelaJHummel

Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership provided Great Teachers and Great Leaders. Wally explains: “She was the kind of teacher that students remember decades later. People live life differently because of her. Teachers and leaders have a lot in common.” Connect with Wally on Twitter at @WallyBock.

Randy Conley of Leading with Trust shared The 4 Letter Word Leaders Need to Use More Often at Work. Randy shares: “You can probably think of several four-letter words leaders would like to use more often at work, but there is one in particular that is critically underused by leaders. In this post, Randy Conley discusses the four-letter word that leaders need to use that will boost the performance and morale of their teams.” Connect with Randy on Twitter at @RandyConley.


Michael Lee Stallard shared Now is a Critical Time to Create an Upward Spiral of Positivity. Michael explains: “Negative emotions in the workplace — particularly worry, stress, sadness and anger — have been rising for years, peaking in 2020, according to recent research by the Gallup Organization. Today’s prevalence of negative emotions begs the question: How can leaders cultivate a culture that produces a steady flow of positive emotions? And besides making the relational culture more enjoyable and less stressful, why is this important?” Follow Michael on Twitter @michaelstallard.

Laura Schroeder of Working Girl provided Manager Burnout. Laura shares: “Are your managers at higher risk of burnout? Recent research suggests yes, and this short video explores the problem and what steps companies can take to better support leaders.” Connect with Laura on Twitter at @workgal.

David Grossman of The Grossman Group provided Trust in the Workplace: 10 Steps to Build Trust with Employees. David shares: “A leader’s ability to engage, inspire, and motivate employees is based on trust. Here are 10 ways that leaders at all levels can build trust in the workplace by aligning actions with words.” Follow David on Twitter at @ThoughtPartner.

Paula Kiger of Big Green Pen shared Workplace Values Can Help Increase Hiring, Retention. Paula writes: “Every employer can learn lessons from B Corps about how to live their workplace values. Doing so can help attract phenomenal employment candidates and increase employee retention.” Connect with Paula on Twitter @biggreenpen.

team building

Jim Taggart of Changing Winds shared What Kind of Team Player Are You? Jim considers: “Each of us has a personality preference to how we approach work, establish relationships with co-workers, and engage in collaborative learning. In the context of team players, the challenge is for each of us to understand our preferred style and to use it effectively.” Follow Jim on Twitter at @JlcTaggart.

Ken Downer of Rapid Start Leadership provided Lines for Leaders: Hire 40 Men. Ken shares: “Milton Hershey had his share of failures, but he revealed one of the secrets of his success one day when he turned to his foreman and told him, ‘Hire 40 men.’ His approach to team-building, and these two questions, can help us leave a leadership legacy or our own that is worth remembering.” Follow Ken on Twitter @RapidStartLdr.


Steve DiGioia contributed 5 Things Pro Wrestling Teach Us About Customer Service. Steve writes: “Ok, so I’m a wrestling fan. So what? Maybe you are too. There are millions of us. And we watch it every week. I’ve been doing that since I was a teenager. I have many fond memories as a kid watching some of the greats like Bruno Sammartino, Pedro Morales, Andre the Giant, Chief Jay Strongbow, George the Animal Steele, and many more. So, what 5 things can pro wrestling teach us about customer service? Here they are.” Find Steve on Twitter at @stevedigioia.

Brenda Yoho writes The Colander. Brenda explains: “Our lives are being drained of valuable resources we need. We are pulled in many directions at every moment of the day and the hamster wheel of life moves faster with never enough time to catch up so it seems. We are fighting against ‘Drainout’ and the colander helps to rinse, but are we also holding on to things we do not need.” Find Brenda on Twitter at @BrendaYoho

Neal Burgis of Successful Solutions contributed When Great Minds Don’t Think Alike. Neal explains: “Too many people think like others in their team so they don’t want to get criticized or they can’t think of their own ideas. Companies want new ideas and give employees the opportunity to generate their own. Take advantage of the opportunity as this is becoming the trend.” Follow Neal on Twitter at @exec_solutions.


Lisa Kohn of Chatsworth Consulting Group shared Let Joy Be Your Lesson. Lisa shares: “A little laughter, a little smile, a little love, a little hope, a little joy – these all go a long way to make the hard journeys a bit less hard and the tough work a bit less tough. We just have to be willing to find these and to let them be our lessons every day.” Connect with Lisa on Twitter at @ThoughtfulLdrs.

Art Petty provided Leadership Caffeine—Mine (and Mind) Your Mistakes for Growth. Art shares: “Our mistakes in pursuit of learning are the burpees, extra gym time, and leg days of our mental fitness for most of us. For those where mistakes are measured in cost or time (not life impact or safety), your mistakes measure how hard you are pushing yourself to grow. While making a mistake never feels good, your response to the situation determines your return-on-misfire (ROM).” Follow Art on Twitter at @artpetty.

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