Leadership Development Carnival

Leadership Development Carnival

Today is the Leadership Development Carnival at Great Leadership. I have been contributing to the carnival since my first months at the other blog and this month is my first time to be featured with a post from Weaving influence.  Dan is an awesome guy, and his support of my work has been invaluable. Thanks, Dan!

Being a part of the carnival is a great way to find other sources of leadership learning AND it’s a fantastic way to gain exposure and influence. I will be talking about the value of participating in blog carnivals in a future installment of my “Increasing Your Influence as a Blogger” series. Until then, click over to Dan’s fantastic blog and take some time to read through the posts he’s gathered. You may see some new friends there: I encouraged Gregory Farley, who writes the very new Voices of Leadership blog, and Chris Edmonds, another new friend, to participate. I hope that their work will appear in future carnivals to add value to the already stellar list of bloggers who participate.

Happy New Year!

About Becky Robinson

I am the owner of Weaving Influence and the leader of the Weaving Influence team. We help authors and thought leaders grow their online influence. I am also a wife and mom of three daughters, and I enjoy running, reading, writing, a good cup of coffee, and dark chocolate.

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  • Becky,
    Thank you so much for your support of my blog. I have already learned so much from following you. I am looking forward to learning even more as the New Year continues. You are a true inspiration and I appreciate you immensely.


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