Courage compels leaders to try new things, move in new directions. Leaders believe in their own ability to shape and direct the future. They project optimism and hope, inspiring others to get involved with their cause, project, or agenda.

Courage to consider. Leaders have the courage to consider things from a different perspective. Instead of mindlessly doing things the way they have always been done, leaders consider new approaches.

Courage to connect. Relating well is important for those who are seeking to influence people. Leaders have the courage to make strong connections with others, especially those who may be different from themselves in age, race, background, or perspective. By building a diversified team, they create the opportunity to access a wide range of ideas and abilities.

Courage to confront. Leaders are not afraid to confront problems or resolve conflict because they know that working through difficult issues is necessary and unavoidable. Ignoring challenging tasks or people does not make them disappear. By being proactive about addressing troubling situations or relationships, leaders prevent them from growing. More than that, leaders often find that the process of confrontation results in a healthier and more effective team.

Courage to compromise. The ability to negotiate compromise is important for leaders. Being willing to defer to someone else’s preferences or plans shows strength of character and humility.

Courage to continue. Leaders possess stamina that helps them persevere through difficult times and in the day to day routine of life. Their tenacity, their courage to continue, fuels their resolve to accomplish great things in their life and organization.

Without courage, leaders falter and fail. Courage gives leaders confidence to make decisions in their lives and for their organizations. Courageous leaders understand that choices have consequences, but they proceed with conviction and assurance.

This was originally posted at Mountain State University LeaderTalk and is re-posted with permission.