Making Small Things Big

Making Small Things Big

Valuing and engaging others starts with things that may seem small.



Maintaining eye contact.










How long does it take to say thank you? To smile? To stop, put your hand on someone’s shoulder, look her in the eye (really seeing her) and verbally affirm her for her work?

These positive actions take only moments. They might seem small. But when you add them up, they can have a big impact on your relationships with others.

Increase your effectiveness as a leader by taking time for these small things.

Join the conversation:

What keeps you from taking the time to value and engage others?

How might your work and family relationships be different if you spent time practicing these good habits?

Which of these positive actions will you practice today?

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  • As a totality, the list implies “presence”, and that’s a “present” for those around us! Perhaps if we think of it this way, it will be easier to give. Of course, the question that begs an answer is, “Do you view your ‘presence’ as a ‘present’ that others enjoy?” One benefit of “presence” is that it implies “respect” for others “just because”. Thanks Becky! (BTW, one thing I do is always stand up and greet people when they walk into the room… It says volumes!)

  • I has a wonderfully wise women that worked for me some time ago as the organization’s receptionist. She taught me many things, but the one that has stuck with me all these years is when she said, “The little things are the BIG things.”
    Just as you say, these “little things” aren’t hard to do, nor do they take much time. But they ARE the big things.

  • A great reminder that is beneficial for all people to remember. For me this reminder came full circle in life experiences. When I was a young supervisor in the Air Force, I made an effort to put two things in practice — the concept of Sam Walton called “Management By Walking Around,” and to learn at least one thing about the worker I was talking to. One particular morning, I was talking to an individual and asking him how his weekend was and thanking him for his work and how I felt he was showing great progress when he asked to speak to me in private. I learned that he was having problems and was thinking of taking his own life that day. I immediately encouraged him to speak to a professional and he eventually resolved his issues to continued success in his life and his employment.
    Years later, I retired from the military and was working as a drug and alcohol counselor. The job paid very little and I was in a Master’s program for counseling psychology full time. I quite the job for various reasons and was frustrated by the experience. Then I ran into a old client who stopped me to thank me for saving her life. When asked what it was that made the difference, her reply was, “it was the little things.” A reminder to me to never forget the importance of the little things we do to engage those we work with.

  • Hi Becky,
    I was trying to find the article(s) about the first DEL cohort. The Barb Garner interview and the speaker (I can’t remember his name). I wanted to share them but I can’t find them…can you help?
    Thank you,

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