It was a perfect fall weekend – at least where I live.

Crisp, cool mornings warmed into afternoon sunshine.

Blue skies, fluffy clouds, color everywhere.

Our woods are a palette of gold, yellow, orange, green, and brown. My husband completed the fall phase of our retaining wall project, so now we have steps that lead to a hillside patio. Though we're in the woods here, the patio is awash in sunlight, which streams through breaks in the canopy.

Sunday afternoon, I sat quietly alone: warm, soaking in the sun, watching diamonds of light travel down the winding creek. The ground in our woods is blanketed in a layer of leaves and pine needles.

At dusk, when the chill returned with the setting sun, my family donned sweatshirts and gathered on the patio, to stay warm by the blaze of a campfire.

I'm tucking this weekend away in my mind to recall in the middle of January when our backyard stairs are snow-covered and icicles hang from the trees, when sub-zero temperatures keep us inside near the fire. I'll remember on short winter days when I don't see any sun at all and when the only colors I see are white and gray.

In life, and in leadership, there are seasons.

If you are going through a bleak season as a leader, I encourage you to find a quiet spot to reflect.

Think about times in your career when every day seemed awash in color and light, when all your efforts succeeded. Try to remember what made those days seem so perfect. Was it the ability to utilize a particular talent in a particular way? Was it the people you worked with or the projects you completed?

Remember that in life, and in leadership, there are seasons. Hold on to hope for a better one ahead.

If you are in the "perfect weekend" of your career, I urge you to find a quiet spot and time to reflect. Tuck away the memory of these times to return to during the dark or discouraging times.

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How was the weekend where you live?  

What do you do as a leader to stay positive during discouraging times?