Bill Treasurer has invited bloggers to write about people who have opened doors of opportunity for them as part of his Leadership Opportunity Blog Fest. I’m pleased to participate to draw attention to this simple and powerful leadership concept, inspired by Bill’s son, Ian: leaders open doors!

While I could list the names of people who have opened doors of opportunity for me along the way — and there are many — as I think through my life chronologically, from college until now, there is one person who has been a part of every open-door moment of my adult life, my husband.

Married only three months, he opened the door as we decided to go to graduate school, despite uncertainty about where we would work and how we would pay for it.

A few years later, we stood, shoulder to shoulder, opening doors for others at the church we partnered together to start.

After the birth of our daughter, his constant support and hard work opened the door for my dream of staying home with my children during their early years.

When I decided to pursue a career, he held the doors open wide, encouraging and cheering me on at every step.

He uses his vacation time to stay with our children when my work requires travel and listens patiently while I share the ups and downs of my journey as an entrepreneur. His secure career, income, and insurance allow me to take risks and open doors for others as I build my business, giving me true freedom to choose.

Most recently, my husband opened a door of insight to help me see myself in a new way. I was sharing a struggle in my business, and he recounted a conversation with a co-worker about politics and how the government can encourage the creation of new jobs.

“The government doesn’t create jobs,” he said. “People do. You are creating jobs.”

Because of his constant encouragement and support, my husband is the most important door-opener in my life.

Tell me something! Who is the most important door-opener in your life?

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