Three Leadership Fundamentals

Three Leadership Fundamentals

Today is day two of the Global Leadership Summit. I am attending at a site near my home, along with thousands of people across this country and around the world. By the end of the year, people in 76 countries (400 cities) will experience this leadership training opportunity.

Yesterday was a great day. I will be drawing from my notes over the next few posts to share some of the insights from the conference with you. Today’s ideas are drawn from Bill Hybels and his opening session about leadership fundamentals. Hybels shared these three ideas, important for any leader.

Leaders move people from here to there, Hybels says. Sharing a vision for the future is not nearly enough, though, because before people can get excited about getting “there,” they need to understand how awful “here” is so that they can overcome their resistance to change and fully embrace a different vision for the future.

Leaders assemble teams of fantastic people. Hybels maintains that leaders cannot move others from here to there without strong teams. In developing teams, it is crucial to make sure that team members have character, competence, and chemistry. An additional need is to ensure that team members fit your organization’s culture.

Leaders recognize mile markers with celebrations. In order to stay on the journey, people need hope that they can and will get there some day. By celebrating small successes along the way, leaders give that hope to people.

Join the conversation!

What are you doing to move people from here to there?

What do you do to build teams of fantastic people?

What do you do to inspire hope and keep people motivated?

This was originally posted at Mountain State University LeaderTalk and is reposted with permission. 

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  • Great ideas and important questions. I like to help people create movement by encouraging them to use their amazing talents and abilities. Team building works well when we let people share their stories and contribute ideas they find meaningful. I like to inspire hope by giving people opportunities to grow and succeed. I tend to think that being a great leader is about getting out of the way and letting your employees shine.

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