What Are You Wearing Today?

What Are You Wearing Today?

Nope, this is not one of those posts. I am not going to post my outfit. My outfit not that interesting, anyway. I can say this with certainty even though I am scheduling this post because when I work at home, I typically wear jeans and whatever else I can throw on quickly — making sure it is presentable enough for any video calls and for the school drop-off/pickup.

I called this post “What are you wearing today?” for a completely different reason — to point you to one of the five new LeaderTalk posts I just published to the archives:

Put On Your Leader Clothes.

My memories of the circumstances that inspired that post are still vivid. Those moments were profound enough that at one time, I though “Put on Your Leader Clothes” would be the title of my first book. Heck, maybe it still will be.

The bottom line is this: we choose to lead, just like we choose what to wear each day. I hope you’ll click through and read the post.

Tell me something! Will you choose to put on your leader clothes today?

Here are 4 more posts from the LeaderTalk archives, in case you’re looking for additional inspiration:

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Happy Birthday to Me!

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