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Welcome to Season 4 of The Book Marketing Action Podcast with Becky Robinson, where we give you information that you can immediately implement to increase your influence and market your books more successfully. 

For this exclusive two-part interview, Becky is joined by attorney, New York Times bestselling author, podcaster, athlete, co-founder and CEO of The Ready State Inc, Juliet Starrett. In this second installment, Juliet discusses how PR firms help to maintain momentum after a book launch, lessons learned during her book marketing journey, and best practices for achieving long-term success. 

Key Points From This Episode:

[02:38] Juliet breaks down how she was able to proactively drive Amazon reviews for her books.   

[05.52] Every author has an individualized and unique approach to their book launch campaign. Juliet shares her process for sending advance publication copies before her releases.

[10:26] Using influencer boxes as part of book marketing is becoming increasingly popular amongst authors. Juliet explains the pros and cons of gifting influencer boxes.

[13:55] Juliet reveals mistakes and lessons learned during her book marketing journey. 

[17:25] It is very common for authors to hire PR firms to help market their books to a wider audience. Juliet discusses how she went about hiring a PR firm to help maintain momentum post-launch.

[18:30] Using her own personal experience, Juliet reflects on organic ways that books become successful over time. 

[21:04] Becky introduces her new Rebecca-mendations book recommendations segment idea, highlighting Built to Move as a book that everyone should read.  

[22:26] Juliet talks about the inspiration behind Built to Move and why she and her husband, Kelly Starrett, decided it was important to put this message out into the world.

[27:52] Many authors think of the launch week as the week their book launches, and they tend to focus most of their marketing energy on that short period of time. Juliet emphasizes the importance of marketing your book for an extended period of time. 

[31:33] Juliet speaks about her 21-Day Built To Move Challenge that is currently available for free on her website.

Action Steps:

  1. Actively show up on a consistent basis to market your book. To achieve success, it is critically important to make a commitment to actively engage and spread the word about your book. 
  2. Create a challenge to share the value of your book. A challenge is a great way to build your email list and let people know about the content in your book.


Key Quotes:

You may not be able to tangibly measure the return on the investment of the [influencer] box, but you know that it connects you to the people who are receiving it.  Juliet Starrett 

The big huge podcast with a big reach can really make a difference. Juliet Starrett 

Outside PR firms and in-house publicists can work really well together, but that also can be a source of tension. Juliet Starrett 

That two weeks after [book] launch is 100% not enough time to take your foot off the brake. Juliet Starrett 

Word-of-mouth magic happens when you write a book that is so practical and accessible and helpful. Becky Robinson

Learn what your audience responds to. Juliet Starrett 

We’re super hands-on doing this stuff ourselves. And so there’s no reason anyone who’s listening to this can’t do the same thing.  Juliet Starrett 

In many ways, the more you give away for free, the more books you’re gonna sell. Juliet StarrettTo connect with Becky Robinson, send her an email here!