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Welcome to Season 4 of The Book Marketing Action Podcast with Becky Robinson, where we give you information you can immediately implement to increase your influence and market your books more successfully. 

This episode is about Porchlight Book Company and their 2023 Business Book Awards! Becky is joined by Sally Haldorson, Managing Director at Porchlight Books. During the episode, Sally talks about the mission of Porchlight Books, what it’s like for an author to work with a bulk retailer, and a shift in the selection process of this year’s book awards. 

Key Points From This Episode:

[01:53] Sally shares about herself, her work in the world, and the work of Porchlight Books. 

[04:51] Learn what it means to be a “bulk book retailer.” 

[07:21] If you published a business book this year and are interested in the Porchlight Business Book Awards, Sally shares more details about the awards and the changes happening this year. 

[12:21] Sally reveals when the 2023 Book Awards will be announced, what the submission process is like, and some of the eligibility rules.

[15:12] What are some benefits of working with Porchlight Books? Sally shares.

[18:45] Sally outlines some of her advice for authors interested in working with Porchlight Books or other bulk retailers.

[21:49] Porchlight Books is helping authors who want to sell books to organizations with a dispersed workforce. Find out how.  

[25:11] If you’re an author who aspires to land on a bestseller list, like the Wall Street Journal list, Sally explains what you need to know about partnering with Porchlight Books as you work toward that goal. 

[27:30] Sally reveals how soon an author should talk to Porchlight Books before their book launch if they’re hoping to land on a bestseller list.

Action Steps:

  1. If you’re an author who has released or is releasing, a business book this year, consider submitting it for the 2023 Porchlight Business Book Awards. Take action ASAP because the call for entries closes on October 2nd!  
  2. Identify three or four books that could be in conversation with yours. Consider whether or not you could reach out to the authors of those books to find ways to collaborate and cross-promote. 


Key Quotes:

We use the imagery of a porchlight because it is an invitation to enter. It is welcome to everyone. —Sally Haldorson 

We have learned over the years that books are more than just books. They are the experience of seeing the speaker. They are the experience of gathering ideas and learning something new. —Sally Haldorson 

It is better and more accurate to see books as being in conversation with one another rather than in competition with one another. —Sally Haldorson 

The biggest way we support authors is by offering our human experience and expertise to them in all sorts of different ways—by giving them someone or multiple someones to talk to about the birth and life of their book. —Sally Haldorson 

One of the things that any author needs to think about really early on is building their platform, building that network. —Sally Haldorson 

The attention you’re building for your book starts to drive the demand in the first week or two of your book sales. —Sally Haldorson 

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