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Welcome to Season 4 of The Book Marketing Action Podcast with Becky Robinson, where we give you information you can immediately implement to increase your influence and market your books more successfully. 

This episode is about the importance of having a long-term view of the value your book can bring to the world. Becky is joined by two former guests, Gena Cox and Kevin Wilde, who have both reached the one-year anniversary of their latest book launches. During the episode, Gena and Kevin share what they have learned about book marketing and some of the tactics that have helped them continue to gain momentum for their work post-launch. 

Key Points From This Episode:

[01:57] Gena and Kevin share about themselves and their work in the world. 

[04:23] Gena and Kevin outline some of the tactics and approaches they have used after the launch of their books to continue getting their work out to new audiences.

[11:06] Are there any tactics that Gena and Kevin tried that were not worth it in the end? They reveal what strategies didn’t work as well as they hoped. 

[13:34] Both authors talk about the journey of figuring out who their audience would be for the book and how those audiences have evolved.

[20:12] Discover how earned media—podcast appearances, interviews, articles, blog posts, etc.—have propelled momentum for Gena and Kevin’s books post-launch. 

[27:57] Gena explains the standard she has set for herself when it comes to marketing her book: Do at least one thing each week to support and promote the book. 

[30:49] Becky shares a key approach she uses, and that all authors can use, to continue the momentum of their book after it has launched. 

[33:40] Gena and Kevin share some parting wisdom about investing in the long-term value of your book. 

Action Step:

  1. Email to get a free copy of the Google Jamboard for organizing your book marketing. Think about one big thing each month that you could do to keep your book in the conversation and share your message in a bigger way with others.


Key Quotes:

For me, the one tactic that I have used most consistently and with the greatest success is social media. —Gena Cox

I’m selling more books now than I did at launch. —Kevin Wilde

It’s actually quite a journey to figure out what are the best ways to market your book because it’s a journey to figure out who your book is for. —Gena Cox

Get clear about who you’re writing your book for, and then center your efforts on reaching those people. Be open along the way to discovering the possibility that maybe you wrote your book for someone and you didn’t even know that it was for them. —Becky Robinson 

If you have Amazon or Goodreads reviews from people you don’t know, what they choose to highlight as they talk about your book could be a clue into the audience that your title resonates with. —Becky Robinson 

Try to get some local media first; don’t even worry about national media as a starting point. —Gena Cox

You probably have more people and networks than you think that can help you sustain over 12 months post-launch. —Kevin Wilde

I try to do at least one thing each week that I would put in the category of marketing support for the book. —Gena Cox

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