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Welcome to Season 4 of The Book Marketing Action Podcast with Becky Robinson, where we give you information you can immediately implement to increase your influence and market your books more successfully. 

This episode is about the various platforms for book distribution and how to use each one. Becky is joined by Everett O’Keefe—Founder of Ignite Press and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author. During the episode, Everett shares his vast knowledge of three book distribution channels—KDP, IngramSpark, and Draft2Digital—including their benefits, cost, and how they impact a book’s pre-order campaign. 

Key Points From This Episode:

[01:16] Everett shares about himself and his company. 

[03:31] Everett introduces the three distribution channels, starting with KDP. 

[05:56] Why would an author not only want to distribute their books through KDP but also choose another distributor like IngramSpark? Everett reveals the answer. 

[08:18] Everett discusses Draft2Digital and what it is used for. 

[09:17] If you’re curious about the costs of all of these distribution channels, Everett outlines them.

[11:48] Everett explains what an ISBN is and how an author can purchase their own. 

[15:48] Everett talks about how the various distribution channels impact the ability for a book to be available for pre-order, as well as why Ignite Press does not offer pre-order campaigns. 

[21:35] Learn about how Everett goes about pricing Kindle books, what strategies he uses to help Kindle books obtain bestseller status, and the results he has experienced.

[25:53] Everett shares some of the changes happening on Amazon related to bestseller launches. 

Action Steps:

  1. Explore Draft2Digital. Learn more about expanded distribution for your ebooks.
  2. Get very clear about your own goals as you get ready to launch your book. If the idea of becoming an Amazon bestseller in a category is critically important to you, research the approach that Everett advocates for, which is a Kindle-centric launch.


Key Quotes:

There are multiple channels available for distribution, and they each have the things they’re best at. —Everett O’Keefe

We used to do a little survey every year where we compared different print-on-demand printers, and every time, Amazon came up as the least expensive source. —Everett O’Keefe

KDP is the absolute best tool for you to use to control your book as to how it appears on Amazon, how it’s priced, and how it’s categorized. —Everett O’Keefe

The Ingram network is the network which bookstores and libraries purchase their books through. —Everett O’Keefe

Draft2Digital is our preferred method for distributing the digital version of your book everywhere except Amazon. —Everett O’Keefe

It is better if you own your own ISBN for multiple reasons. —Everett O’Keefe

Every format of your book needs to have its own unique ISBN number. So you need one for your paperback, you need one for your hardcover, and you need one for an audiobook. —Everett O’Keefe

Category selection and the research behind it are absolutely critical. —Everett O’Keefe

Once a bestseller, always a bestseller, as far as credibility and marketing purposes are concerned. —Everett O’Keefe

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