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Welcome to Season 2 of The Book Marketing Action Podcast with Becky Robinson, where we give you information that you can immediately implement to increase your influence and market your books more successfully. In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Beverly Kaye—Author, Speaker, and Thought Leader.

Today’s episode is continuing the author journey series, based on Becky’s book, which is scheduled for release from Berrett Koehler publishers in April 2022. The book is called Reach: Creating the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Book, Message, or Cause.

Key Points From This Episode:

[02:08] Bev started her business and thought leadership career before the rise of the Internet. Bev shares the different experiences that she’s had in building reach for her work, both before she had online tools, and now after.

[04:05] From fax newsletters and mail newsletters, Bev shares how that transitioned over once people began using email and other approaches, and what her marketing team did as she started to build reach for her training company in the 90s.

[05:19] Bev tells us about her entry into using online approaches to reach her audience.

[08:49] We hear about some of the ways that Bev’s continuing to invest in her thought leadership brands.

[11:19] Bev shares the principles she followed that helped her become successful and have impact with her ideas.

[15:04] We’re reminded by Bev that we need to be opportunity minded, not opportunity blinded.

[15:12] Bev shares her final thoughts. 

Action Steps:

  1. Make a list of what you can let go of. Bev mentioned that she could not do what she does without help from others. So what I would encourage you to do is make a list of what you feel energized about, what you might need help with, and what you can let go of. This is something that we talk about a lot as an organization, because you only have so much as it relates to time, energy and money. Make a list and decide what you can do, what you could have others do, and what activities may not align with your marketing goals. And those are the activities that you’ll let go of. 
  2. Ask for help! Bev mentioned only her first book was with her alone, but from then on, she consistently involved others. Think of who you can involve in your work, whether that’s asking for endorsements, reaching out to your lists to help share your book or message on social media, or even sharing with others who might benefit from your work. You can even ask others to buy your book. 


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Tweetables and quotes:

We can teach as much through conversation with one another, or with an audience, as we could by using our wonderful slides.

You have to be opportunity minded, always. Too many are opportunity blinded.

Be an opportunity miner, mining for ideas. Not an opportunity whiner. 

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