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Welcome to Season 2 of The Book Marketing Action Podcast with Becky Robinson, where we give you information that you can immediately implement to increase your influence and market your books more successfully. In this episode, we are joined by Roseanne Cheng  — Author and Co-Founder of Evergreen Authors.

Today’s episode focuses on why authors must stop trying to do everything when it comes to book marketing. According to Roseanne, it is far more productive to find one or two things that bring them joy and to capitalize on those things. This intentionality is what sells books and sustains an author’s success over time, making them “evergreen.”

Key Points From This Episode:

[01:23] Roseanne introduces herself and her work.

[03:32] Roseanne goes into detail about her online course and her book titled, The Evergreen Author.

[05:21] Learn more about what “evergreen author” really means.

[07:15] Roseanne explains why it is so difficult for authors to find joy in the process of marketing their books.

[09:57] Roseanne lists some common themes behind what she sees draining the joy of authors.

[09:57] Roseanne gives an in-depth explanation of the 80/20 rule and how it applies to book marketing.

[14:52] If you’re an independent author, Roseanne has some specific advice for you.

Action Steps:

  1. Be willing to let go of things that are draining your joy. Think about your current efforts around book marketing and choose one thing to stop doing. Send Becky an email at and let her know what you choose to stop doing as a result of listening to Roseanne’s wisdom. 
  2. Authors, no matter where you are in your journey, think about how you can relaunch in this new reality. You have an opportunity in this world of the pandemic and post-pandemic to rethink, relaunch, and rebrand yourself and your book.


  • Check out the Evergreen Authors website to learn more about the joy of getting your book into the world, and to explore the variety of resources they offer.
  • Buy Roseanne’s book, The Evergreen Author, or download a free sample here.
  • Sign up for Algorithm Alchemy, an Evergreen Authors masterclass all about growing your Amazon traffic in 30 days or less. OR learn more about how to run Amazon ads here.
  • Listen to this episode of The Book Marketing Action Podcast that focuses on the importance of Amazon ads, how to effectively use them, and myths related to Amazon advertising.

Tweetables and quotes:

I’m all about the real work that goes behind book marketing. And the good news is some of that work doesn’t have to be as hard as you think it is. In fact, it can be really fun and really joyful. – Roseanne Cheng

We feel very strongly that the most successful authors the happiest authors are the ones who are all about sustainability. They’re creating a writer career, an author career, that is something that they can do for the long haul, the long term. – Roseanne Cheng

What you need to be doing is finding one or two things that you enjoy doing when it comes to your book, or your brand, or your business, or whatever it is that you’re doing to put yourself out there, and do those one or two things really well. – Roseanne Cheng

Social media is something that drains people’s joy, just because there’s this weird misconception that they’re all the same, when they are not. And so you need to find one or two that you really enjoy. – Roseanne Cheng

In the marketing world in general, 80% of your results are going to come from 20% of your work. – Roseanne Cheng

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