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Welcome to Season 3 of The Book Marketing Action Podcast with Becky Robinson, where we give you information that you can immediately implement to increase your influence and market your books more successfully. In this episode, we are joined by Pam Slim, Author, Speaker, and Small Business Strategist.

This episode focuses on how authors can authentically live their message and follow the values outlined in their book. Pam shares her unconventional approach to marketing her book, The Widest Net, and how she has used the book to guide her own life and her work. Pam emphasizes how important it is for authors to let the message of their book guide their marketing plan, and the positive results that come from truly putting values into practice.

Key Points From This Episode

[01:09] Pam reveals where she is located, the work she does with her clients, and discusses her latest book, The Widest Net.

[02:19] Pam shares the story behind her famous couch. 

[04:50] Pam talks about her book, The Widest Net, and shares what the book is about, her inspiration for writing it, and why it matters to her.

[08:20] Pam took an unconventional approach to her book tour. Find out what her approach was and why she did it.

[11:31] The idea for The Widest Net emerged in 2015, but it didn’t launch until 2021. Pam explains why it’s okay to take time to discover the value you have to offer.

[12:38] Pam explains what was different about the launch of The Widest Net compared to her past book launches.

[16:45] What part of Pam’s marketing campaign worked best for her? She reveals that and more. 

[19:15] Pam talks about the size of her launch group for The Widest Net.

[19:46] Pam discusses some of the things she tried during her book launch that didn’t work as well as she hoped.

[23:19] What does the future look like for Pam as it relates to marketing The Widest Net?

[25:37] Pam shares some of the most valuable lessons that she has learned about book marketing throughout her career. 

Action Steps:

  1. Leave an Amazon review for Pam’s book, The Widest Net. If you haven’t read it yet, buy a copy today!
  2. Have open hands as you approach people to support your book. Get in the mindset that some people will want to promote your book because it aligns with their audience, and other people won’t. 
  3. Ask your connections and the people who support your message for help. What are their ideas for the best podcasts to be on, the best events to attend, or the best groups to work with?
  4. Try not to get attached to outcomes. Instead, track your progress based on the fact that you’ve taken actions to market your book, not based on what the response will be.


  • Find out what Pam is up to by exploring her website.
  • Reach out to Pam and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Tweetables and quotes:

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It’s really important to me to notice the kinds of things that my clients might be struggling with, and then to try to figure out: Is there anything that somebody has already written or a model they’ve already created that would be helpful? If not, then it begins to plant the seed for me in terms of working on something like a book. – Pam Slim

I really tried to choose activities that were naturally aligned with connections that I already had with people. – Pam Slim

When I can be connecting with a company that might have millions of customers – get them excited about the book and the ideas that they can then market to their customers – that’s when a real impact is made. – Pam Slim

You need more people in your network than you think. – Pam Slim

It is a philosophical shift to say, “I did it, I reached out to the 10 people on my list today that I needed to connect with for book marketing. I have done my job.” – Pam Slim

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