Month: December 2010

Increasing Your Influence as a Blogger | Part One

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You type out your thoughts and ideas.

Sometimes words flow easily and your fingers, though nimble, can’t keep pace. Other times you type, delete, backspace, start again. You stare at the white of your screen, the blinking cursor. You wait for the words to come.

When you finish your post, those three or four or five hundred hard-won words: you tweet, you wait. You’re looking for a response, some comments or a string of re-tweets. »

I’m Not the Only One Listening

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You know I love Twitter, right?

I’ve written a lot about my enthusiasm for Twitter. So, this morning, when a Facebook friend— his name is Brian— posted a link to his brand new blog, I asked him if he uses Twitter.

His response: “I’m on Twitter, but it’s completely useless as a promotion tool! Twitter = Everyone speaking, no one listening!”

Before we go any  further, let me tell you that I »

A Bright Thread of Grace

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Four years ago today, I got up early to drive to the airport to pick up my sister-in-law, Dana.

Round-bellied, I had spent Christmas afternoon taking down our Christmas tree and getting our home in order.  My two young daughters didn’t seem bothered by the day we spent packing up and putting away. As we worked, we talked about the baby born on Christmas day —the greatest gift of all — and about the gift »

Building a Brand

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In the summer of 2009, I attended a half-day conference . As my friend and I filled out our name tags, I suggested that we put our Twitter handles on our tags instead of our names.

I’d been tweeting for about two months at that point, and I was hooked. When I introduced myself as my Twitter handle, I began to merge my personal identity and brand with the brand of the blog I »

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