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Featured on Friday: Marilee Adams

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Happy Friday! This week we’ve been busy launching The Idea-Driven Organization by Alan Robinson and Dean Schroeder (if you missed their webinar, you can watch it now), and next week we’re getting ready for the official launch of Lessons from China by Beau Sides. I can’t speak for other members of the Weaving Influence team, but I know the stack of books on my nightstand is getting taller by the week!

However we don’t always focus on a specific book, sometimes we have the opportunity to help promote special events. In fact, the focus today is on an author who happens to have just hosted a terrific webinar last month with Becky Robinson, »

Sprint Day

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Thursday is speedwork day for me in my marathon training.

I run a shorter distance, faster, in hopes that I will improve my cardiovascular endurance overall, resulting in an ability to run longer distances faster.

I have never been a super-fast runner, but I have certainly been much faster than I am now. What is encouraging to me is to see how consistency in running over the past 5 weeks has resulted in marked growth and improved fitness. With just 86 days until the marathon, I must stay focused on training effectively.

On sprint days, I run fast. On long run days, I run significantly slower. On tempo run days, my pace is somewhere in between.

In running my business, »

Featured on Friday: Catherine Robinson-Walker

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Happy New Year! As 2014 starts to unfold, one of the things that I am personally excited about are the number of book launches that are already filling up our schedule.

I love reading, and have since I was a small girl. Over the years, my taste in books has developed, and I enjoy a number of genres and authors. My work with Weaving Influence has broadened my book world a bit more, and has introduced me to people like today’s author (who is also the focus of an upcoming buzz week, January 13 – 17, 2014)…

Meet Catherine Robinson-Walker

Author of Leading Valiantly in Healthcare, Catherine Robinson-Walker is the president of The Leadership Studio, specializing in leadership development, »

Featured on Friday: Bob Tiede

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The online world often seems like it is more self-promotion than promotion of others. We talk about our blogs, our holiday plans, our latest and greatest achievement – it’s the nature of being social, I suppose. However, isn’t it nice when someone offers to let you shine in their space? When they promote you on their social media channels and send out tweets about you? Isn’t it more fun to have other people tell their friends to read your posts?

I celebrated a birthday this week, and it was such a nice surprise to log on to Facebook and see a kind post from Becky. It’s a truly lovely gesture to know that someone else thought enough of »

Featured on Friday – Guest Post: Imperfectly, Perfectly Me!

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We’re celebrating with Bethany Connor as she launches her new book, Cherished. To cap off her week of book launch celebrations, we’re honored to have her guest posting for Featured on Friday. Join us in buzzing about her big week – read the post, then send a tweet.

Fourteen years into my journey as an Army Nurse Corps officer, I seemed to be at the pinnacle of my career. I had fast tracked through the Army ranks, was promoted early, had received awards, was well known and well respected for my impact within the Corps. I was on my way to the top.

And yet, it was during that same time period where I struggled through »

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