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Reflections on 2016 at Weaving Influence

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Reflections on 2016 at Weaving Influence

If I’m super honest and vulnerable, I’ll tell you that I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in leading Weaving Influence this year. Unexpected staff departures. Client projects that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Times of doubt and wondering.

Despite a few setbacks, we finished the year strong and are set for an even stronger 2017.

Here are a few important observations from the year:

So much of what we do is »

Featured on Friday: Meet Team Member John Marcello

Featured on Friday: Meet Team Member John Marcello thumbnail

Weaving Influence is a diverse team from diverse places! On a daily basis, I will connect with people in Michigan, California, Washington, D.C., Texas, Florida, and more. Though I am currently the only team member living abroad (in Jerusalem), that was not always the case. Today’s featured team member, web developer John Marcello, currently resides in Florida, but was living in Bogota, Columbia when we first connected about a year ago. Often, John and I »

Group Projects: The Then & Now

Group Projects: the Then & Now

While in school—whether middle school, high school, or college—I always dreaded “group projects” where the grade was shared among all group members. It felt so wrong, unjust even, to give everyone the same grade regardless of how much they contributed. Oftentimes, I thought that I was pulling more weight than the rest of the group members, and felt bitter about sharing what I viewed as my personal success. I failed to see how such a »

Moving Into a New Year: Focus for 2015

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Moving Into a New Year: Focus for 2015 thumbnail

One of my important habits of a leader is crafting a weekly email to my team, outlining upcoming events and setting the pace for the week ahead.

Since we’re a virtual company, it’s an important touch point and writing to the team is a habit I’m happy to have established. The email provides a chance for me to connect with the team, to show that I care about them, to be human, and to help »

If You Don’t Like Sappy, Don’t Read This

If You Don’t Like Sappy, Don’t Read This thumbnail

I’ve been building my company for more than a year now, depending on when you start the calendar.

If you count from the first time I worked with a private coaching client (summer of 2011), then it’s two years. If you count from the time I hired my first contractor, we’re at about 18 months. If you count from my first day full-time in the business, it’s slightly more than a year.

At »

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