Your supply chain is the backbone of your company. Its performance determines the health of your daily operations and the long-term success of your enterprise. Like a backbone, your supply chain is a complex mechanism. A lot can go right with it, and a lot can go wrong. When it’s at its best, it can support the activities of a thriving, healthy business. When something’s wrong, the pain can be acute—even bad enough to keep the company on the floor, unable to get up.

Whether your supply chain is causing pain right now or if things seem to be okay, perhaps even reasonably good, in today’s extremely fast-changing environment the reality is that just about every company in every industry can benefit or create real competitive advantage from having their supply chain optimized.

Total Value Optimization

Today’s corporate leaders are under increasing pressure to deliver differentiated, lasting performance, fast. Industry 4.0 is driving new business models, with competitors becoming more numerous, more formidable, and more global. This puts profitability at risk as whole supply chains shift in industries.

By placing customer value at the heart of their businesses, through a demand-driven digital supply chain, Total Value Optimization (TVO) goes beyond traditional approaches to ensure your company not only survives, but thrives! This new book by Steven Bowen describes the pressure today’s corporate leaders are under to deliver differentiated, lasting performance—fast.

It’s an axiom in business that you can only improve what you can measure. That’s why this book presents the TVO Pyramid—a graphic representation of the Total Value Optimization journey. The TVO Pyramid rests on a sturdy, three-sided foundation of data analytics. Supporting the center—like a central pillar—is leader and organizational improvement. The three sides of the pyramid, converging at the peak, are the three functional areas of procurement, logistics, and operations. Each of the TVO Pyramid’s three sides has five levels, and the higher you climb, the more the pressure and compression makes your supply chain that much stronger.

Meet the Author

Praise for the Book

Steve Bowen’s book offers a solid framework for executives in search of an engaging, thoughtful, and comprehensive approach toward achieving supply chain excellence.”
—John D. Baumann, President and CEO, Colony Brands, Inc.

“The best approach we have seen to achieve integrated supply chain excellence in logistics, operations and procurement.”
—J. Paul Dittmann, Ph.D., Global Supply Chain Institute, University of Tennessee

“Easy fast read to be informed of the real supply chain issues, challenges and how others have achieved cash increases, cost reductions, and true growth from their supply chains.”
—William E Forster Jr, 5-star Amazon review

“Total Value Optimization (TVO), a must have for any Equity Firm, Executive, Manager, Employee and Consultant that wants to have a clear and refreshing approach to increasing EBITDA in a surprisingly accelerated fashion. Amazing results!”
—Alfred Baumbusch, 5-star Amazon review

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