It’s a big day (week) for the Weaving Influence team (#witeam) but especially for our friend and client Julie Winkle Giulioni, and her co-author Beverly Kaye, as they launch their book Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want.

I have had the privilege of walking with Julie over the past 5 months or so as she has grown her online presence. In the time we’ve worked together, she’s launched a new website, started blogging, and become a pro at communicating in 140 characters. She’s seen the amazing connections that develop through Twitter and LinkedIn and she’s seen the way a community of influencers can band together in support of a book. We are grateful for the bloggers who have already posted in support of the launch and look forward to a busy week of reviews online, guest posts, interviews, and more.

I am proud of Julie’s hard work in bringing this wonderful book to the world, and I am proud of the hard work my team has done (and will do) to support Julie’s launch.

So… When I say my team, I mean the group of people who work with me on behalf of our clients. My Team — capital T — includes Angie, Carrie, Molly, Margy, and Donna. But if you have been a part of what I do (and if you are reading these words, you certainly have), especially if you are a member of Team Buzz Builder, you are part of the larger team. A note to my team: You amaze me. Thank you.

And, I hope you agree with me that all the hard work is worth it!

I hope you’ll join me today in celebrating and supporting Julie’s launch.

The first step is to buy the book. I have two copies already, but I plan to buy several today, because this is the kind of book anyone who wants to make a difference for others in the workplace needs on their desk. I’m going to give one each to the principals at my daughters’ schools. I’m also going to give one to each of my brothers.

Once you’ve bought the book, would you consider sharing it with your friends online? It can be as simple as copy and pasting this tweet:

Celebrating the launch of @Julie_WG and @BeverlyLKaye’s book #helpthemgrow. Buy now on Amazon

Or, you can find more ideas and updates to copy, paste, and personalize, here.

This is going to be a big week, folks! In honor of Julie’s launch, we’ll be sharing a couple of more posts here on the topic of Career Development, in addition to our regular 12 Minute Tip on Tuesday.

Tell me something! Who do you know who could benefit from a practical, actionable book about career development? What book do you think every leader needs as a desk reference? If you have launched a book, do you agree with me that the hard work is worth it?