Our website is sporting a new logo as we spend the next few months celebrating the two year anniversary of Weaving Influence. I have been serving clients through this company since January 2012, and added my first subcontractor the next month, but I mark the official company anniversary as June 1, 2012 because that is the first day of my working full-time in the business.

I spent June 1, the anniversary of my diving into this business, running a half marathon with Sharon Pilaske, one of our newest team members. Sharon and I have run together before, and I always enjoy it, but this was by far the most challenging half marathon I’ve ever run. Rolling hills and more heat than I’m used to resulted in me getting sick after the race = not the day I envisioned. Nonetheless, I now have another half marathon on the books and the biggest, heaviest race medal I’ve ever received.

I know how to celebrate, apparently!

If you haven’t seen the promotion, you’ll want to check this out: we are giving away a signed book from our author community EVERY WEEK for the next 30 or so weeks. Signed books have been arriving in my office daily, many with small notes inside, all inscribed by the authors. It’s going to hurt to send these treasures back out into the world, but I am doing it as a way to celebrate with you.

Happy Anniversary to us!

We are also celebrating two special books this week: this week marks the launch of Brian Sooy’s wonderful book, Raise Your Voice, as well as the one year anniversary since we launched the 3rd edition of Chip Bell and Marshall Goldsmith’s seminal work, Managers as Mentors.

If you’d like to win a signed copy of Managers as Mentors, be sure to sign up for our anniversary giveaway. Yes, your copy of Managers as Mentors, signed by both authors! Tweet now to be entered to win, but also be sure to sign up for weekly emails about future giveaways.

And, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to learn more about Brian Sooy’s book, Raise Your Voice, and buy your copy today!