For business owners and executives, the bottom line is what counts; and there is no shortage of business books, systems, and consultants that claim they can improve it. Some magazines haphazardly throw books and resources at readers, and others offer a new direction or concept in every issue. There is no map for knowing where to start, and how to continue improving. There is no consistency — and thus, no confidence in any of the recommendations.

But if business leaders are going to spend time and money implementing a business concept to grow their business, they want to be confident they will generate a return on that investment.  That’s the focus of a new magazine launching this week, which empower leaders to advance their company whether they own it, lead it, or work in it.

Confident ROi

Confident ROi magazine, started by company turnaround specialist Alex Vorobieff, interviews business leaders to hear their stories of what concepts worked and didn’t work, and focuses on providing concrete how-to’s. It also explores costs, time, and effort levels (i.e., brain strain) to implement tools leaders can use to turn around their companies. It is devoted to bringing you the tools and concepts to build the company you envision, along with the insights other leaders discovered when they tried to implement them. With this information, you can confidently select the right tool to generate a return on your company’s time and money.

According to Alex: “There are countless concepts with claims to fix all the problems facing business leaders and media outlets, that throw every concept at them. Besides trying to have one solution to all issues, they often start at the wrong end. Confident ROi ‘maps’ out the proper sequence from starting point through the end, offering real-world stories on what worked—and what didn’t—to let readers confidently choose the right concept to maximize their own ROI.”

Consistently reading this magazine will give fresh perspective on the business improvement universe, and how it relates to your business, so you can confidently select the next project concept to implement. Confident ROi will start with two issues a year, offered both digitally and through the mail, but Alex hopes to eventually transition to producing quarterly regional issues and organizing conferences.

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