In an age of great volatility—fake news, diverse audiences, technology at our fingertips, and change at the speed of light—clear, concise, and intentional communication is vital to successful human interaction. Workplace miscommunications, be they well-meaning or not, result in lost productivity, discontent, and even violence. This week’s featured book answers the age-old leadership question: how do we get the best out of ourselves and others on the job?

About the Book

Consequential Communication in Turbulent Times: A Practical Guide to Leadership is Diana’s first book in a series of easy-to-implement guides for organizational leaders. This foundational book focuses on the importance of clearly communicating one’s intentions, and ensuring that he or she is understood.

Relying upon her experiences as a practicing labor lawyer, corporate executive, officer, human resources executive, and an organizational development consultant, Diana Peterson-More has developed actionable, easy-to-implement, and practical steps to successful communication, which is the key to getting what we want from ourselves and others. The volume is filled with stories of workplace communications that worked, and those that didn’t, and presents real-world solutions to ensure all communication will hit the mark.

In response to client needs, the guide captures 15 essential concepts that Diana has developed through her tailor-made training. The stand-alone concepts have dedicated chapters, while aligned concepts appear together in other chapters. Following the principle that good communicators “Tell you what they are going to say; say it; and then tell you what they just said,” each chapter sets out a principle, the “how to’s” for implementation, case studies – real-life communications situations that worked, and those that didn’t work – and then concludes the discussion with tips. The book’s last chapter is a reiteration of all of the tips presented, making it an easy reference tool, and reminding the reader which chapter to review for a more in-depth discussion.

Meet the Author

Over the course of her varied career, Diana Peterson-More has been a practicing employment lawyer, a corporate manager, director, executive officer, and a sought-after consultant and guest presenter. Always she has been fascinated by what motivates herself and others to achieve results, to determine their own unique definitions of success, and then to facilitate a roadmap to get there.

As a young manager, Diana faced the dilemma many confront today. She was promoted because she was a great individual contributor with proven results, and quick on the uptake. Yet she was not trained nor exposed to the fundamentals of supervision and management, and was left on her own to figure it out.

Unhappy at first, and never one to quit (as the first lawyer promoted out of the Southern California Edison Company law department and the first female HR manager, all eyes were on her), Diana taught herself how to supervise, manage and lead – largely by making mistakes and learning from them. Those early days propelled her to self-examination, learning through expert advice, and the school of hard knocks. Along her journey, she received feedback that allowed her to grow from a “tell” boss to the empowering “asking and listening” boss she eventually became, and for whom many wanted to work. Her practice now is helping others learn from her mistakes and to achieve their own unique success.

Praise from Readers Like You

“I particularly benefited from the book’s focus on the art of persuading, the diversity of people’s communication and learning preferences, presenting an issue thoroughly, handling mistakes and understanding your emotions. The practical, common sense instruction and wisdom of this book stays with me and has given me tools to greatly improve my communication skills.” —Ann Vanino, 5-star Amazon review

“Effective leadership cannot be achieved without effective communication skills and techniques. Diana Peterson-More’s book, ‘Consequential Communications in Turbulent Times’ makes and underscores that point exquisitely! The ‘Tips’ posted at the end of each chapter should be memorized and implemented by anyone in a leadership or supervisory role.” —Steve Cooley, 5-star Amazon review

“As a former corporate executive, I was surprised at how easily Diana captured and communicated the workplace basics that allow each of us to work together smoothly, and to get the job done. I recommend this to anyone in the workforce today grappling with the fundamentals of collaborating in a diverse and quickly changing workforce.” —J. Hartung, 5-star Amazon review

“Each chapter in this book offers up a technique – or two – to improve one’s communications in the workplace and in life. With so many generations at work today, the insights are right-on, and I will start to implement the tips over time to improve my working relationships. I recommend others read and implement the suggestions, too. Very powerful.” —Jenn, 5-star Amazon review

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