Contagious Inspiration

Contagious Inspiration

Are you an inspiring leader? Jeremy Kingsley’s new book, Inspired People Produce Results, asserts that leaders must provide inspiration to their teams, infusing them with passion and energy to do good work. When a leader provides inspiration, results follow.

Kingsley writes, inspiration is contagious!

Kingsley writes about important conditions that must be in place before people can be inspired — favorable work environment is one example. Leaders can create a physical work environment that is peaceful, orderly, inviting, and comfortable.

As a leader of a virtual team, I have little control over the comfort of my team’s working environment, but my attitude can make a big difference in inspiring my team.

My attitude, whether positive or negative, can be contagious.

Am I complaining or grumbling? That’s contagious.

Am I discouraged, overwhelmed, stressed, or cranky? That’s contagious.

Do I set healthy boundaries and expectations for respectful interaction? That’s contagious.

Do I model generosity and helpfulness to others? That’s contagious.

As a leader, I must hold an awareness that anything I share with my team is contagious. Inspiration may cause them to soar, while complaining may cause them to crash.

Tell me something! How effective are you in creating a positive environment and attitude for your team? Do you want people to catch on to what you’re sharing?

This week, my team celebrated buzz week for Jeremy Kingsley and Inspired People Produce Results. The book is now available for sale on If you’re looking for some contagious inspiration, I encourage you to buy a copy today. And, if you’d like to help share the buzz, you can help us by sending a tweet, now: 

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  • I have a speaking rule – if it’s not encouraging, don’t say it.
    I have an attitude rule – if it’s not one of gratitude, don’t spread it.
    I have an expressive rule – it it’s not peacemaking, don’t express it.

    Yes – I am often quiet.

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