If you are a part of Team Buzz Builder, if you follow Weaving Influence on Facebook or Twitter, if you’ve connected with us on LinkedIn or Google+, or even if you only know us because of this blog, there’s no way that you have failed to notice that we have been launching a lot of books lately.

Whew! In the last six weeks we have been a part of seven book launch and relaunch teams. It has been an exciting, invigorating experience that so many of you have been a part of, and we want to share some of the highlights from each launch with you today. I’m only sorry we don’t have the time or space to share all the links from each launch, as so many of you were generous with your time and efforts.

 The Secret: 10th Anniversary Edition (Sept. 1 -5)

  • This 10-year best-selling leadership book isn’t showing any signs of slowing down! Find it on Amazon and leave a review.
  • Read Jane Anderson’s review of The Secret.
  • Check out Stan Phelps post on Forbes about The Secret.

Overcoming Fake Talk (Sept. 8 – 12)

  • This book is still ranking on Amazon (for Kindle) a month past the relaunch – a huge triumph! Find it on Amazon and leave a review.
  • Check out Dan Rockwell’s thoughts about Overcoming Fake Talk.
  • John Smith (our favorite “Strategic Learner”) wrote a great post about this book.

Hello, My Name Is Awesome (Sept. 15 – 19)

  • Although our team only joined with Alexandra shortly before the launch, we still celebrated her best-seller status! Find it on Amazon and leave a review.
  • Find Christopher Lewis (a.k.a. Dad of Divas) talking about Hello, My Name Is Awesome in this blog post.
  • Whitney Johnson (one of our first clients) opened her blog up to host this guest post from Alexandra during the launch week.

A World Gone Social (Sept. 22 – 26)

  • We were part of a larger team for this launch, but honored to support Ted and Mark. Find this book on Amazon and leave your review.
  • Our mutual friend, Deborah Mills-Scofield, wrote a post in support of the launch that you won’t want to miss.
  • Kate Nasser shares her interview with Ted and Mark.

The Culture Engine (Sept. 29 – Oct. 3)

  • September 29 – October 3 we launched two books, with book #1 written by S. Chris Edmonds. Find it on Amazon and leave a review.
  • This is just one of the many posts that Jennifer Miller wrote in support of Chris and his book launch.
  • Shawn Murphy did a great interview with Chris which was then shared on Switch & Shift.

Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work… And What Does (Sept. 29 – Oct. 3)

  • Book #2 of our 2-book week comes from Susan Fowler. Find her book on Amazon and leave a review.
  • Dan Rockwell came through again with a giveaway for Susan and a post based on his interview with her (leave a comment on that post to enter).
  • Chantal Bechervaise opened her blog up again (she’s always generous in that way) to host this guest post from Susan.

Leaders Open Doors: Second Edition (Oct. 6 – 10)

  • All this week we’ve been supporting the launch of the second edition of Leaders Open Doors from ATD Press. Find it on Amazon and leave a review.
  • Chip Bell, another client we love, showed his support of Bill and Leaders Open Doors in this post (and by sharing a store in the second edition).
  • A tried and true member of Team Buzz Builder, Andy Uskavitch wrote a great post about Bill and his book.

You tell me! Did you read any of our fall books? Have you left your review yet? Would you be interested in learning more about our upcoming launches (we still have one more this November – sign up now)? The spring launch season is filling up, so sign up today!