It’s hard to believe, but the last time I did a Featured on Friday of nothing but links was all the way back in December! It’s been a busy spring season as we’ve worked our way through the various book launches, and today marks the last day of our 49th book launch – Wind In Your Sails. Whew!

We love helping authors grow their online presence and find the perfect audience for their books. Each one of these books represents a lot of work and effort from our authors and their personal teams and we want to support them in whatever way we can, whether that’s by spreading the word on social media, hosting webinars, or giving them a little boost during a relaunch.

Thanks to the faithful members of Team Buzz Builder – and now the Lead Change Group – we are able to help our clients reach millions of new people because of the megaphone of social media. I like to tell the authors that I work with that a book launch is a marathon and not a sprint.

Train for the long term, keep your eyes on the future, and realize that this one week is just the kick off for long term success.

Below you will find the marathons that we’ve started this year. The official launch weeks might be over for these authors, but the buzz never needs to slow down! Check out their books, leave reviews, visit their websites, and help us keep the excitement going all year long.

2015 Launches-to-Date

Looking Ahead…

  • On May 5th we’ll be playing a supporting role in the launch of The New One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson. Visit the website!
  • In June we’ll be working with Henna Inam on the launch of her first book, Wired for Authenticity. Join our team!
  • June 15 – 19 we’ll be launching The Disciplined Leader from MAP Consulting President, John Manning. Join our team! Visit the website!
  • In July we’ll be working with The Arbinger Institute to launch the second edition of The Anatomy of Peacestay tuned for more details!
  • August 10 – 14 we’ll be launching the second book from author Beau Sides, Unseen Tears, a powerful story about orphans in Asia – stay tuned!

As you can see, we have a lot of exciting launches under our belt for the year already, and even more coming up this summer. I would love to see some new promotion go out this weekend for one – or all – of these great books, and I look forward to working with you on our upcoming launches.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and Happy Reading!