What makes a great leader? Some say it’s success, money, fame, or recognition. Well, on a deeper level, a true leader is someone who can rise above their mistakes and grow in those moments. It is easy to find a book with guidance on how to become a great leader, but growing through your mess-ups is a topic rarely covered in the leadership world. Until now… In his new book released on January 16th, our featured author has taken this very concept, what he calls “a leadership kick in the ass,” and provided guidance to leaders on how to capitalize on leadership “blunders.”

Meet Bill Treasurer

Bill Treasurer is the Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer at Giant Leap Consulting, a courage-building company that exists to help people and organizations live more courageously. He is considered the originator of the new organizational development practice of courage-building and is the author of Leaders Open Doors, the internationally bestselling book Courage Goes To Work, as well as the comprehensive off-the-shelf training program, Courageous Leadership: Using Courage To Transform The Workplace. For over two decades, Bill has designed and delivered leadership and succession planning programs for experienced and emerging leaders for clients such as NASA, Accenture, CNN, Saks Fifth Avenue, Hugo Boss, UBS Bank, Walsh Construction, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Centers for Disease Control, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Bill’s insights have been featured in over 100 newspapers, including The Washington Post, The NY Daily News, The Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Boston Herald, and Investor’s Business Daily. Bill’s insights have also appeared in such magazines as Leader to Leader, Leadership Excellence, Business-to-Business, Parents Magazine, Redbook, Women’s Day, Fitness, and The Harvard Management Update.

Discover ‘A Leadership Kick in the Ass’

“This book’s title may have grabbed your attention, but its core topic—the human ego—is dear to my heart. Using candor and humor in equal measure, Bill Treasurer gets real about the leadership advantages of what I’ll just call effective redirection. Ha! This book is not just a fun read—it’s a wake-up call for leaders at every level.” — Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Collaboration Begins with You

“Failure may not be fun. But, as Treasurer has proven in his rich, in-the-trenches experience in business, you can learn more from one failure than from untold wins. A Leadership Kick in the Ass is exactly what you need to pick yourself up, find out what went wrong, and move on, smarter and stronger than ever!” — Marshall Goldsmith, The Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

“Bill artfully describes the harsh, if somewhat humbling, reality that leaders do learn some of the most valuable lessons through ‘mess ups!’ The approach Bill takes in taking the reader through poignant examples, while offering guidance to seize learning opportunities as they occur, are but a couple of the elements which combine to make this a great read!” — Mark Brasher, CEO, John Varvatos

“The greatest lessons in life don’t come from success. They come from our missteps, setbacks and screw-ups. This book will help you turn them into invaluable lessons that you’ll one day look back on with gratitude for all they taught you. An invaluable resource for any person who wants to be a truly extraordinary leader.” — Margie Warrell, Bestselling author, Stop Playing Safe

From Amazon: Even the best leaders—in fact, most of the best leaders—start out as decidedly bad ones. And sooner or later they reach a moment of reckoning that leadership expert Bill Treasurer calls the leadership kick in the ass. When it happens, it feels like it’s all over. But Treasurer says that with the right attitude, that kick can be a new beginning. Based on his work with thousands of leaders, this book reveals how to turn those ego-bruising events into the kind of transformative experiences that mark the paths of great leaders. As Steve Jobs famously said, “Getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to me.” This book is a survival guide, coach, and morale booster to help you use that kick to move forward instead of fall down. If you succeed, the next place you get kicked might be upstairs.

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