As much as I sometimes hate to admit it, I am a millennial. My generation has such a lousy stereotype: we are (supposedly) lazy with a huge sense of entitlement, always looking for the best deal in work or other realms, desperate for favorable feedback, disdainful of traditional or old-school methods, and basically me-centric in every way.

I respectfully disagree. While there is always a legitimate reason for most stereotypes, I know — and work with — plenty of millennials who are hard-working, steadfastly loyal to their employers and coworkers, disciplined and persistent in pursuing goals and dreams, and generous to a fault.

I suppose it’s true of every generation as they come of age and start to dominate the workforce, but we millennials are remarkably misunderstood. And yet those of us who are misunderstood are typically so busy keeping our heads down with work and other profitable endeavors that we need someone to speak up for us. Enter Dan Negroni, and his new book about breaking down these myths and truly learning to understand and connect with my generation.

“Millennials are not a problem to be solved, they are an opportunity that needs to be embraced.” – Dan Negroni

Meet Dan Negroni

Dan Negroni, Author of #ChasingRelevance

Dan is the quintessential next-generation business management and talent development consultant and coach solving today’s critical cross-generational issues. He leverages his authentic, no-nonsense approach and experience as a CEO, attorney, senior sales and marketing executive, to help companies bridge the gap between managers and their millennial workforce to increase employee engagement, productivity, and profits. Dan is the founder and CEO of launchbox, a corporate training, consulting and coaching firm focused on creating next generation leaders. He has also served as CEO for start-up businesses in the health and fitness market and for a national consulting firm, as well as holding senior roles in sales, marketing and operations for a variety of service businesses in the technology industry. As an expert and author on managing and creating next generation leaders, Dan is also a frequent keynote presenter at all types of management and millennial-related events including corporate gatherings, association conferences, industry events and sales meetings.

He resides in Del Mar, California, with his wife of 25 years and the youngest of his three children, and is an avid health and fitness nut, running, biking, swimming and doing anything else he can to fight off looking his age. Read more at, and connect with him on Twitter @dannegroni.

Discover ‘Chasing Relevance’

Chasing Relevance is not only about Millennials. It’s about all of us working to connect with each other and to bridge the gaps between the generations for the greater good. With bold language and a powerful model, Dan Negroni urges readers to genuinely care, communicate, and build relationships from the inside out. Because to serve others, we must first understand ourselves.”
—Ken Blanchard, co-author of The New One Minute Manager® and Collaboration Begins With You

 Today there are more than 83 million millennials in the United States, representing 36% of our workforce. By 2025, that number will grow to 75%. If millennials are not your employees yet, they will be soon — as well as your biggest customers. Our ability to attract, train, manage, and retain this next generation of leaders is critical to the future success of our businesses. But a huge and damaging connection, communication, and understanding gap exists between non-millennials and millennials in our workplaces. Why? Because millennials are not a problem that needs to be fixed, they are an opportunity that needs to be embraced.

We must all find relevance in bridging the gap to create next-generation leaders, and that’s what Chasing Relevance is about: empowering businesses and their leaders by bringing together youth and experience to create powerful, connected workplaces. It’s time to stop chasing relevance and learn to truly understand, engage, and maximize your millennial employees and customers.

Check out what some of our Buzz Builders have to say about Chasing Relevance…

  • “You will learn a lot from this book. Some will apply to you and some will apply to how you can help millennials. I’m sure you’ll find that you can learn more going through it a second or third time.{Read the rest of R. McConaughys review on Amazon.}
  • “Working from the inside out with Dan’s guidance was fun for me. He guides us through a journey to better understand ourselves by examining 5 key points . . . After reflecting on these areas and really doing some homework on ME, I felt refreshed because I understand myself more clearly and better understand what I can bring to the lives of others via leadership or through mentoring. Dan led me down a path to put into action what I learned from inside me to influence those ‘outside.’” {See what else Lisa Kosak shares in her review.}
  • “Dan Negroni has hit that sweet spot in enabling us to see Millennials through a better frame than what we’ve attempted to do previously.” {Read more of Paul LaRue‘s review here.}

Learn More about ‘Chasing Relevance’ in the Webinar

What is your company doing to stay relevant, connect, and drive engagement with the next generation? Dan Negroni recently joined us for an interview to discuss the dramatic shift currently taking place in the workplace and marketplace. Among other things, he shared key trends that define the millennial generation; steps to bridge the generational gap; how to deliver value to connect with customers and employees; and how to stay relevant in a crazy, fast-changing world.

Did you miss it? Watch it free here.

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