Featured on Friday: #CoActiveLeadership Authors @henrykh @kkimseyhouse

Featured on Friday: #CoActiveLeadership Authors @henrykh @kkimseyhouse

Did you get to enjoy a long weekend where you live? When the team (virtual and local) got back together on Tuesday, we all compared stories from our three days away. Some dealt with unexpected health issues, some found projects to work on around the house and yard, a couple of us took naps and read for fun – and we all came back, ready to gear up for the next book launches on our calendar!

The next one coming up takes us back into our “normal” realm of Leadership material, but Co-Active Leadership is anything but “business as usual”. I hope all of you reading this have signed up to be a part of their September 21st book launch!

Meet Karen and Henry Kimsey-House

headshot_KHHenry and Karen Kimsey-House have always been fascinated with people. Through their pioneering work in coaching and their practical experience leading hundreds of leadership programs, they have inspired thousands to generate full self-expression, a deep sense of interconnectedness, and an ability to be responsible for their world.

In 1992, Henry and Karen met and co-founded the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) along with their partner, Laura Whitworth. CTI is now a global coaching and leadership development organization offering programs in 18 different countries.

More than 4,000 people have completed the Co-Active Leadership Program and are bringing Co-Active Leadership principles to organizations, governmental agencies, educational settings, nonprofits, coaching clients, and families around the world.

Connect with Karen and Henry Online

Find Karen on: FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Connect with Henry on: FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Co-Active Leadership: About, Support, Webinar

promo_04Co-Active Leadership is a deeply collaborative approach. We must be fully present and live lives of integrity, open-heartedness, and self-awareness if we are to make the kind of conscious, creative choices which Co-Active Leadership demands.

Co-Active Leadership uniquely celebrates and honors these different expressions of leadership. It invites all of us to share our expertise and allows collaborative solutions to emerge which would never have been possible otherwise.

This exciting new book is launching September 21-25! There are lots of ways to be a part of the Co-Active Leadership launch, including…

  • Joining Karen and Henry for a FREE, one-hour webinar (hosted by Becky Robinson) on September 22 at 12 pm (ET). {Register Now}
  • Requesting an Interview with Karen and/or Henry (contact our PR Team for details)
  • Write a review of Co-Active Leadership on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads (go ahead and spread the love!)
  • Don’t forget to visit coactiveleadership.com for images to share on social from now through the launch!
  • Tweet about the book and tag a Twitter connection who might be interested in hearing about a new way of looking at leadership. Help us spread the word and build the buzz! In fact, you can start by tweeting this right now…

Looking for fresh #leadership ideas? Check out #CoActiveLeadership by @henrykh & @kkimseyhouse! www.coactiveleadership.com {Tweet Now}

Thanks for helping us build the buzz… see you on September 21st!

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