Have you ever tried to eat a live frog? My guess is: probably not. (If you have, please share your story with us!) They say the worst part is getting started — taking that first bite, chewing it, swallowing it. If you’re like most people, even if you wanted to eat the frog (which, however, is not like most people), you would spend your time doing everything but sitting down and getting started: setting up the table just right, positioning the trashcan for convenient access, snapping photos of the frog and posting it on social media, etc.

Have you ever tried to juggle too many important responsibilities or master a never-ending to-do list of critical tasks? My guess is: probably. Isn’t the hardest part to that also sitting down and getting started, rather than frittering your time away getting “prepared” and doing everything but tackling the tasks at hand?

Today’s featured author spent years early on in his career studying the habits of successful people, and eventually concluded that doing our most important work like eating that live frog. Both are tasks that will have great impact on our lives going forward, but both are things we’re most likely to procrastinate doing for one reason or another. Maybe we don’t want to put forth the effort, or maybe we simply don’t know how to get them done. But that procrastination ends up stalling our careers, frustrating our plans and ambitions, and leaving us generally dissatisfied with our trajectory in life. His bestselling book, now in its third edition, shares 21 practical steps that have been proven to help fight that procrastination and increase our productivity, performance, value, and output.

Meet the Author — Brian Tracy

Brian TracyBrian Tracy is one of the top business speakers in the world today. He has designed and presented seminars for more than 1,000 large companies and more than 10,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in 75 countries on the subjects of leadership, management, professional selling, business model reinvention, and profit improvement.

He has addressed more than 5,000,000 people in more than 5,000 talks and presentations worldwide. He currently speaks to 250,000 people per year. His fast-moving, entertaining video-based training programs are taught in 38 countries.

As a bestselling author, Brian Tracy has written more than 80 books that have been translated into 42 languages, including Kiss That Frog!, Find Your Balance Point, Goals!, Flight Plan, Maximum Achievement, No Excuses!, Advanced Selling Strategies, and How The Best Leaders Lead.

Brian is happily married, with four children and five grandchildren. He is the president of Brian Tracy International and lives in Solana Beach, California.

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Discover the Book — Eat That Frog!

There just isn’t enough time for everything on our to-do list—and there never will be. Successful people don’t try to do everything. They learn to focus on the most important tasks and make sure those get done. They eat their frogs.

There’s an old saying that if the first thing you do each morning is eat a live frog, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re done with the worst thing you’ll have to do all day. For Tracy, eating a frog is a metaphor for tackling your most challenging task—but also the one that can have the greatest positive impact on your life. Eat That Frog! shows you how to organize each day so you can zero in on these critical tasks and accomplish them efficiently and effectively.

In this fully revised and updated edition, Tracy adds two new chapters. The first explains how you can use technology to remind yourself of what is most important and protect yourself from what is least important. The second offers advice for maintaining focus in our era of constant distractions, electronic and otherwise.

But one thing remains unchanged: Brian Tracy cuts to the core of what is vital to effective time management: decision, discipline, and determination. This life-changing book will ensure that you get more of your important tasks done—today!

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What People Are Saying

“‘Eat That Frog!’ is a short book, but with big messages; at 119 pages, I believe the average reader could easily read it in just a couple of hours. The sections are short, and I like the index. This would be a wonderful graduation gift for just about anyone.
— Rebecca Henderson, 5-star Amazon review

“I had tried more motivational tricks and tips over the years and no one gives sound advice better than Brian Tracy. ‘Eat That Frog!’ gobbles up any other resource on procrastination or goal setting in the market.”
— Lisa Kosak, 5-star Amazon review

“This is a short, fast read. It has enough detail to make it worth reading, but at the same time it is not so process heavy that it is hard to get through. . . . it doesn’t go into all the psychology of procrastination; rather, it gets right to the action.”
— Leslie Gornig, 5-star Amazon review

“Mr. Tracy is one of the most venerated experts on performance and productivity. Yet, his book is practical, written in a highly readable style, full of energetic stories that infuse readers with an understanding of how they can apply relevant practices to their own experience.”
— Jane Anderson, 5-star Amazon review

I highly recommend ‘Eat That Frog!’ as a tool for increased impact and effectiveness. Read one chapter each day, reflect on the questions, and follow through on the exercises. You will increase your awareness of how you use your time and change your behaviors to become more productive.
— Jon Lokhorst, 5-star Amazon review

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