I’ve defined myself as “a reader” since I was five years old, and am a sucker for Jane Austen (Mansfield Park is my favorite), Agatha Christie (Murder on the Orient Express), and C.S. Lewis (The Four Loves). When my husband found out I would be working with a company that provided free books, he knew I had found my dream job.

As an individual with natural introverted tendencies I would never have defined myself as a leader, but after years of working in environments where leadership was non-existent I started looking for resources to share with others. Long before I met Becky on Twitter or had the opportunity through Weaving Influence to work with so many wonderful people in the leadership realm, I was gaining a passion for books on leadership.

With (literally) millions of books on Amazon, it’s easy to see how readers like me wouldn’t know where to start – there are so many good (and not-so-good) books in the world; I hope that when you see a book promoted by Weaving Influence, you find your starting point, place and order, and begin reading.

Last week we shared about one of our first book launches of 2015. Well get ready, because I’m about to tell you about the second one – and it’s authors – taking place the same week!

Meet Scott Edinger and Laurie Sain

Scott and Laurie co-authored The Hidden Leader: Discover and Develop Greatness Within Your Company (AMACOM, 2015). Their Weaving Influence launch is February 2 – 6, with the book officially debuting on February 4

Scott Edinger_01Scott Edinger is recognized as an expert in helping organizations achieve top and bottom line growth.

He’s a regular contributor to Forbes and the Harvard Business Review, and co-authored The Inspiring Leader (McGraw- Hill) and the Harvard Business Review article Making Yourself Indispensable, called by HBR a “classic in the making”.

As founder of Edinger Consulting Group, Scott has worked with leaders in nearly every industry sector, helping them formulate and implement growth strategies, increase revenue and profit, develop leadership capacity, drive employee engagement, and attract and retain talent.

Laurie_pic2 (1)Laurie Sain is a professional writer and consultant, whose clients span virtually every major industry and include Fortune 1000 companies such as Apple, IBM, Union Pacific, Weyerhauser, and Charles Schwab Corporation.

She leads clients through strategic planning at the conceptual level, and then develops realistic executive and front-line solutions that enable each company’s vision to thrive. Laurie was formerly the director of content for Ninth House Network.

Laurie lives in Lander, Wyoming.

About The Hidden Leader

From Amazon: Think you can spot the leaders in your company? Don’t assume that you can identify them by their positions. What about those employees who consistently step up: the field agent who solves a previously intractable problem; the service rep who thinks outside the box and creates unshakeable customer loyalty. These are more than “good employees”…these are “hidden leaders”…and they are critical to an organization’s long-term success.

Managers today need to make the most of all their resources – and The Hidden Leader shows them how to recognize and cultivate these talented but under utilized employees, who: demonstrate integrity; lead through authentic relationships; focus on results; work from clear customer purpose; and, fulfill the value promise of the company.

Pre-Order on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | 800ceoread 

Find Scott & Laurie Online

You can connect with both Scott and Laurie on LinkedIn, and Scott is also on Twitter, so make sure you say hello.

To learn more about their new book together, or find resources to share during the launch week, visit their book page at thehiddenleader.com.

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