January started as a very busy book season for our team at Weaving Influence. Just three and a half weeks into 2014, and we’re already gearing up for our third book launch of the year! Although most of our clients books have a common thread – leadership – no two books are exactly alike. Last week, we worked to build the buzz for Leading Valiantly in Healthcare by Catherine Robinson-Walker. This week, we were gathering buzz about the 5th edition of Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans. Next week, we’ll be utilizing our team of buzz builders to help spread the word for The Age of the Customer®, the new book from today’s Featured on Friday focus…

Meet Jim Blasingame

You may know him better as the Small Business Advocate®, sharing his wisdom on a weekday radio talk show dedicated to small business and syndicated since 1997. He’s also the author of Small Business Is Like a Bunch of Bananas and Three Minutes to Success, and is very excited about next weeks launch of The Age of the Customer®which promises to make you think differently about the relationship between businesses and customers, which is currently in shift-mode. In addition to writing books and being an award-winning radio show host, Jim is also the president and founder of Small Business Network, Inc., a media company dedicated to serving small business, and gives high-energy keynote speeches. Yes, you could say that he is a very busy man!

Connect with Jim Online

Find Jim on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And don’t forget to bookmark his blog for additional reading!

What’s Coming Next…

Next week is the big launch (January 27 – 31), and there are plenty of ways that you can get involved if you want to promote a man who has done so much to help those working in small business.

You can start by reading the free sample chapter – and if you like it, there are share buttons scattered through the sample so you can quickly and easily tell your friends. If you like what you read, go ahead and pre-order your book this weekend, or make plans to place your order next week – this helps with the numbers on Amazon and is an easy way to participate in any launch.

If you want to help build the buzz for Jim during the launch week, check out the page of ready-made tweets and graphics that you can share on social media. Like them all? Use them all – we love to see a lot of chatter during a launch!

Finally, in the week following the launch Becky Robinson will be hosting Jim for an hour long webinar (FREE – as all our webinars are!) to talk about the ideas in The Age of the Customer®Register to join them on February 4th at 12 pm (ET), and bring a friend!