What was your favorite childhood toy? Perhaps it was a toy train, jack-in-the-box, or a tricycle. Memories from our childhood can be so endearing, representing the nostalgia of a simpler time in life. Our toys were objects of our affection because of one key principle – they entertained.

Kaleidoscopes have been a popular child’s toy since their creation in 1816 by Scottish inventor, David Brewster, and they have continued to delight and fascinate generations of children to the current day. They are known for their array of enchanting colors and mosaic patterns that change by a simple rotation of the animator. With each turn, a kaleidoscope reveals new patterns to charm the observer time and time again. The summation of a “kaleidoscope” experience is one of enchanting, intriguing entertainment!

Our featured author took the concept of a “kaleidoscope” experience and used those principles to provide a metaphor for customer service. Customer don’t want just “good” service, they want service experiences that are unique, charming, and enchanting.

Meet the Author – Chip R. Bell

Chip R. Bell is a renowned keynote speaker and a senior partner with the Chip Bell Group, managing their office near Atlanta. Global Gurus ranked him in both 2014 and 2015 as the #1 keynote speaker in the world on customer service.

Prior to starting CBG in 1980, he was Director of Management and Organization Development for NCNB (now Bank of America). Dr. Bell holds graduate degrees from Vanderbilt University and the George Washington University. He was a highly decorated infantry unit commander in Viet Nam with the elite 82nd Airborne, and a guerrilla tactics instructor at the U.S. Army Infantry School.

Chip has served as consultant or trainer to such organizations as GE, Microsoft, USAA, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Home Depot, Marriott, Universal Orlando, Chevron, Harley-Davidson, Cadillac, Verizon Wireless, Lockheed-Martin, Allstate, and Victoria’s Secret.

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Discover the Book – Kaleidoscope: Delivering Innovative Service That Sparkles

Kaleidoscope is about the different shades of colored glass inside the “kaleidoscope” of value-unique service. Each chapter reveals a different shade of its charisma and depth, and gives ideas about what is needed to bring innovative service to life. In Chip’s own words, ”Innovative comes from your core; it evokes an experience of genuineness, a sense that its source is deep, not superficial.” The book offers powerful, practical advice, along with engaging stories of ways a novel service experience can also be one that is profound.

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What People Are Saying

“Chip Bell articulates perfectly some of the fundamental truths of creating loyal customers that few people have been able to put into words so clearly. His passion for exceeding customer expectations is contagious . . . it’s hard to walk away from this book without feeling inspired.”
— Scott Scherr, CEO, President, & Founder of Ultimate Software

“Kaleidoscope speaks to the fundamental values that drive innovative service: trust, authenticity, and genuine care.”
J. Allen Smith, President & CEO of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

“Chip Bell’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ is packed with powerful illustrative stories that clearly convey timeless principles that are essential to grasp in today’s service economy. Compress the learning curve to customer excellence and learn from a master teacher!”
— Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A

“Chip Bell’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ is a wise book with delightful stories on how to inspire your customers by keeping them at the center of all you do.”
— Liz Smith, CEO of Bloomin’ Brands

Learn More

Watch Chip’s recent webinar, which guides you on how to deliver innovative service experiences, or what Chip calls, “seriously sparkly service.” You may visit his website to learn more about him, read his blog, and discover his other services. Be sure to stop by his books site to share tweets or graphics to support the recent launch of Kaleidoscope.