What motivates you to dream big and work hard? To choose to pursue one goal and ignore another? To schedule time for work and time for rest?

We all have particular things that motivate us to do, or not do, whatever comes across our paths — from deriving a sense of identity, to demonstrating particular values, to simply desiring enjoyment and pleasure. We are all motivated by something, whether internal (such as autonomy) or external (such as approval) rewards.

Today’s featured author believes that, only as we move away from dependence on external rewards, and reach toward more internal rewards, can we begin to find meaningful and sustainable motivation for everything we do in work and life itself.

Meet the Author — Susan Fowler

Susan Fowler implores leaders to stop trying to motivate people. In her bestselling book, she explains WHY MOTIVATING PEOPLE DOESN’T WORK… AND WHAT DOES: The New Science of Leading, Engaging, and Energizing.

Susan educates leaders on motivation best practices based on solid science communicated through compelling storytelling, case studies, and real-life examples. Through her writing, speaking, consulting, training, and coaching, Susan is dedicated to providing leaders around the globe with a cutting-edge framework, dynamic model, and pragmatic course of action to shape workplaces where people flourish while producing sustainable results.

Susan is the author of by-lined articles, peer-reviewed research, and six books, including the bestselling Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager with Ken Blanchard. She is a regular blogger for the Huffington Post and LeaderChat. Tens of thousands of people worldwide have learned from her ideas through training programs such as the Situational Self Leadership and Optimal Motivation product lines. Susan is a professor in the Masters of Science in Executive Leadership program for the University of San Diego and a rotating board member for Angel Faces, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping adolescent girls with severe burn and trauma injuries.

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Discover the Book — Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work . . . And What Does

Top leadership researcher, consultant, and coach Susan Fowler says stop trying to motivate people! It’s frustrating for everyone involved, and it just doesn’t work. You can’t motivate people—they are already motivated, but generally in superficial and short-term ways. In this book, Fowler builds upon the latest scientific research on the nature of human motivation to lay out a tested model and course of action that will help leaders guide their people toward the kind of motivation that not only increases productivity and engagement but that gives them a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Fowler argues that leaders still depend on traditional carrot-and-stick techniques because they haven’t understood their alternatives and don’t know what skills are necessary to apply the new science of motivation. Her Optimal Motivation process shows leaders how to move people away from dependence on external rewards and help them discover how their jobs can meet the deeper psychological needs—for autonomy, relatedness, and competence—that science tells us result in meaningful and sustainable motivation.

Optimal Motivation has been proven in organizations all over the world—Fowler’s clients include Microsoft, CVS, NASA, the Catholic Leadership Institute, H&R Block, Mattel, and dozens more. Throughout the book, she illustrates how each step of the process works using real-life examples. Susan Fowler ‘s book is the groundbreaking answer for leaders who want to get motivation right!

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What People Are Saying

“This is a phenomenal book. Rather than writing about self-determination theory, Susan unpacks it in a way that provides access, demonstrates mastery over the material and gives you scientifically grounded access to using it within your life and your teams . . . This is an incredible tool that the world very much needed.”
— Gabriel B. Grant, 5-star Amazon review

“This is a great book that you’ll enjoy the first time you read and, if you’re like me, turn back to time and again for a refresher.”
— David Witt, 5-star Amazon review

“This is one of my Top 10 reads of all-time. I love this book so much that I have a hard copy and the kindle version. It will be one of my desk reference books for the unforeseeable future. The way Susan makes it easy to understand the Motivational Junk Food we try to feed employees (and volunteers, our kids, etc.) is exactly what we must use to change what is now the conventional wisdom.
— Rembach, 5-star Amazon review

“The information Susan shared in this book is priceless, especially for those leaders that really want to serve their people and customers, because after all, the nature of human motivation is not about making money, is about making meaning and having a sense of purpose.”
— Sonia Farace, 5-star Amazon review

Learn More

Watch Susan’s recent webinar, which explains the science behind people’s top 5 motivations and the lessons of her book Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work…and What Does. Stop by the book site for a free downloadable chapter, as well as beautiful graphics that you can share with your friends and coworkers. Or visit her website to find other resources to nurture your understanding of optimal motivation.