Behind the book launch scenes we talk about our Team Buzz Builder (TBB) folks with reverence and awe. Without them, our launches would not be as successful, our clients would not receive the same amount of publicity, and we’d be a single promotional megaphone shouting into the social media world during launch weeks.

With them, we see better numbers Amazon and Twitter, have more content to use for promotion, and are able to amplify the message of our clients. TBB helps us spread the word about authors and their books, and in return the #WITeam has the opportunity to interact and engage with some truly outstanding folks.

Meet Andy Uskavitch

A couple of weeks ago, I sent an email to Andy (one of our faithful members of Team Buzz Builder) and requested that he answer a few questions for me. You think you know someone online, and then you ask a few simple questions and discover they happen to be a Disney buff. Who knew?

So Andy, why do you like being a part of TBB?

I first met Becky Robinson, a few years ago, when she worked on another leadership book launch. It’s been a great opportunity for me to continue working with Becky and the whole TBB team while watching the wonderful growth of the organization – and hopefully helping along the way.  I like to read, but not fiction.  The types of books that TBB promotes are right up my alley.

What benefit do you think you receive from being a part of TBB?

I’m a huge proponent of continuous learning.  Having access to such great books and authors not only benefits myself personally, but it’s also information and experiences that I can use in my corporate training programs and my blogs.  It’s also quite the experience being able to associate with such great writers and business people.

In return for being a part of Team Buzz Builder, the promotion they give my personal social media posts is invaluable.

If someone asked you why they should join Team Buzz Builder, what would you tell them?

TBB is a great place not only to have access to some great books from some fantastic authors, but also to be a part of a growning social marketing team.  You can learn a lot about social media marketing, and what goes on to promote books and their authors.  Each contact with the TBB team is a learning experience.  You really get a sense of being a part of the team.

Tell us a little bit about yourself… work, family, life, hobbies…

MeMickey2I’m the next Guy Fieri – not – more like wannabe.  I enjoy cooking/grilling and working in the yard landscaping.  My main focus in the workplace has been developing leadership and customer service programs and training.  I’m currently setting up a corporate training department for the quality software company I work for.  I enjoy reading – obviously – and also writing leadership articles and blogs, some of which you can find on Linked2Leadership, as well on my blog (link below).

. . . I’m also quite the Disney buff, mostly in a business sense.

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Thanks, Andy! The next time you’re grilling in your backyard, feel free to invite the #WITeam!