Featured on Friday: The Heart of Leadership Links

Featured on Friday: The Heart of Leadership Links

It’s been a tremendous launch week for Mark Miller, author of The Heart of Leadership. Here at Weaving Influence, we never get tired of seeing the buzz that is built by our outstanding community of supporters.  By late Thursday afternoon, there were over 70 Amazon reviews, 66 of which were 5-stars! You can also find The Heart of Leadership on Goodreads, so if you’ve read the book, or are planning to read it, remember to leave a review this weekend.

As people have shared their thoughts about Mark’s new book, our team has stayed busy collecting links to share with you, and today we’re highlighting a few of them. We are humbled by the number of people who request copies of the books we are launching, and then actually spend time reading them and writing thoughtful reviews on blogs and online book sites. We cannot say it too often: we couldn’t do this without you – THANKS!

Check Out These Links…

  • “I really enjoyed this easy, effective, and memorable book. The steps are clear, the pace is quick, and the message of leading with one’s heart through servant leadership is spot-on.” Tom Schulte’s review on his Linked2Leadership blog
  • The Heart of Leadership is a manageably brief book to read, and it’s packed with great ideas.” Paula Kiger (@biggreenpen)
  • From Karin Hurt of Let’s Grow Leaders: “The Heart of Leadership is an easy-to-read story of a growing leader, supported by mentors and insights along the way.”
  • Dan Forbes shares a guest post from Mark this week on Lead With Giants.
  • “When I found out I had the opportunity to be on the launch team for his new book The Heart of Leadership I couldn’t wait to write this review.” And we’re so glad you did! Find Barry Smith‘s full review at Building What Matters.
  • I think you can see a theme emerging when you read Sean Glaze’s review on Great Results Team Building: “Mark Miller has hit another home run, and anyone seeking to increase their impact and effectiveness as a leader will benefit from this tremendous parable on character based leadership.”
  • But Andy Uskavitch might have summed it up best with the start of his review: “Mark Miller has done it again.”

Did You Know?

heart-of-L-charityMark Miller donates 100% of the proceeds from the sale of his books to charity. If you needed another reason to buy The Heart of Leadership (or any of his previous leadership books), we think that’s a pretty good one! You can find out more about the charities by visiting the book page at Great Leaders Serve.

You Tell Us! Have you read The Heart of Leadership? What was the lesson that stood out to you the most?

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