The Weaving Influence team isn’t huge. We’re growing – to be sure – but we still number in the double digits as a whole. However, for such a small team, there are a surprising number of us who have a personal interest in adoption. It’s not something we planned, but as we began working on getting Unseen Tears out to the world, we started to share our stories.

Much like the children represented in Unseen Tears, each #witeam member story is unique. Some have adopted internationally, while others have discussed domestic adoption. Some have a heart to help special needs children, and others have focused on keeping siblings together. Our passion for children without families has united us in support of this book.

Whether you have been personally involved with an adoption, or have felt an emotional pull to help those who cannot speak for themselves, I think you’re going to be moved by what you find in Unseen Tears, a book based on the 48 trips to China made by this author…

Meet Beau Sides

Beau SidesBeau Sides is the founder and president of Global Partners in Life (GPiL), a non-profit organization that helps orphaned children, special needs orphans, and disadvantaged youth with educational, humanitarian and medical needs in China. Since 2004, GPiL has been giving for the purpose of enabling young lives to prosper. Please visit to learn more.

As a businessman, teacher, humanitarian, and husband, Beau enjoys the business of making life better for those around him. It’s no secret, he enjoys people. Formerly, he served in the tech world successfully as a manager for IBM. As his interest in Chinese culture grew, he earned the title of teacher after serving on numerous teaching tours as an English language instructor at a Chinese university and other business and language schools in China. In China, teacher is a lifelong title of honor of which he will always appreciate and cherish.

Beau’s passion is to serve others, and doing so as the president of Global Partners in Life has been his focus and a joy. He has given the intellectual property rights for his books to GPiL, with all proceeds going to GPiL to help support their work with young people in China. Beau and his wife, Leah, reside near Atlanta, Georgia.

Connect with Beau Online

Find Beau on: FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. Learn more about Beau’s trips to China by visiting his website.

Unseen Tears is Launching August 24-28!

IMG_0746Needless to say, our team is very excited about building support for the launch of Unseen Tears (as you can see by our model, Amy), and I hope that you are ready to join us! With all proceeds going to GPiL, we would love to see this launch bring in some major buzz, not only for the book, but for the work being done by Global Partners in Life. There are a number of ways for you to get involved in the launch, including:

  • Requesting an Interview with Beau (contact our PR Team for details)
  • Write a review of Unseen Tears on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads (yes, all three – spread the love!)
  • All proceeds go to support the work of GPiL, so consider purchasing copies of the book from the CreateSpace e-store
  • If you know someone who is interested in international or special needs adoption, tell them about the book
  • Tweet about the book and tag any adoption-friendly Twitterer you can find! Agencies, bloggers, authors – help us spread the word and build the buzz! In fact, you can start by tweeting this right now…

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Thanks for helping us build the buzz… see you on August 24th!