Hack Your Way to the Future

Hack Your Way to the Future

I spent some time this morning with Mike Myatt’s just-released book, Hacking Leadership.

As we near the end of the year and look to a new one, I find myself evaluating progress we made this year, considering lessons learned, setting goals for the new year, making plans, and looking to the future.

But Mike’s words challenged me this morning to look to the future in an even bigger way.

Here are some ideas that particularly resonated with me:

If you do not “win” the present, you will have no ability to “win” the future. @mikemyatt #hackingleadership Click to Tweet

Focus only on the aspects of the present that lead you toward the future. #hackingleadership @mikemyatt Click to Tweet

If you want to lead more effectively, shorten the distance between the future and the present. #hackingleadership @mikemyatt Click to Tweet

A leader’s biggest struggle is not the routine of the familiar, but the journey of the unknown. #hackingleadership @mikemyatt Click to Tweet

Great leaders can connect the dots that seem disconnected to others. #hackingleadership @mikemyatt Click to Tweet

Don’t cater to the past, but focus on the future! @mikemyatt #hackingleadership Click to Tweet

To listen is good, to watch is important, but to understand is essential. @mikemyatt #hackingleadership Click to Tweet

Your actions in the present will determine what type of future you and your organization will have. #hackingleadership @mikemyatt Click to Tweet

If leaders are stuck in the past, their organizations will be forced to travel a very rough road to the future. #hackingleadership @mikemyatt Click to Tweet

The future is constantly refreshing itself — second after second, after second. @mikemyatt #hackingleadership Click to Tweet

Here’s the conclusion I drew after reading this chapter, and the lesson I will take into my year-end evaluation and planning: If I cannot see the future, I cannot move toward it.

If you are looking for a guide to shape your leadership journey today and into the future, I encourage you to buy a copy (or several) of Hacking Leadership, today




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