Today marks the launch of Alexandra Watkins’ amazing book, Hello My Name is Awesome. Check out our press release announcing the book here.

I first met Alexandra at the Berrett-Koehler book marketing workshop in San Francisco this summer. I had the (challenge? privilege?) of presenting just after her keynote. While she spoke, a myriad of thoughts ran through my head. She is such a great speaker. She has such creative marketing ideas. How on earth will I follow her? I better take good notes — I am going to want to try some of her great tactics. 

Imagine my delight just a few hours later when she sent me an email initiating a conversation about working together. (I was super stoked and honored.)

My team and I are supporting Alexandra’s book marketing and publicity efforts — and it is so much fun! Her creative and energetic approaches to sharing her book with the world are teaching us, as much as we are helping her. Also, her work is a bit outside our usual content area which has been a refreshing change of pace. The book is so fun that my 13 year old daughter read it in one sitting, and keeps referring to the ideas, calling out bad product names when she sees them.

How good is your company, brand, or product name? Explore Alexandra’s SMILE and SCRATCH test to find out.

While I love our company name, it does cause some people to scratch their heads (people hear Weaving and think knitting or yarn). It also does have the five winning qualities Alexandra outlines for great brand names.

Will you help us get the word out about this fantastic book?

Here are some ways to help:

1) If you have read the book, please leave a review on Amazon or your favorite online retailer.

2) Buy the book today! Buy a few copies and share them with your friends. I promise you’ll enjoy the read and laugh out loud.

3) Go to Alexandra’s book marketing microsite and share a graphic or tweet with your online communities.

Tell me something! How good is your name? Does your name pass the test? What is your favorite brand name? How many copies of Alexandra’s book will you buy today?