How To Get People To Endorse Your Book

How To Get People To Endorse Your Book

When we’re talking about doing hard things, seeking endorsements probably one of the top things on the list. We all know they’re important, but who actually likes asking for them?

Getting the right people to throw their name and influence behind your book (or speaking platform) is key to finding success and achieving credibility as an author or thought leader. Praise from reputable leaders in your field lends credibility to your work and provides a credible recommendation for others. Plus, endorsements are a versatile marketing tool — you can use them in your book, on your website, on Amazon or other bookseller pages, and even on social media via share graphics or quotes.

It’s hard to find a piece of the marketing toolkit that carries more weight than book endorsements . . . but how do you go about getting them?

Making the Ask

Making the ask starts with brainstorming your dream team of endorsers. The sky’s the limit here — you can include everyone from colleagues and fellow authors you already know personally, to high-profile leaders in your field who wouldn’t know you from Adam (or Eve).

But where do you go from there?

Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! Learn how to seek endorsements for your book with our free step-by-step guide, Making the Ask. Seeking endorsements can be an overwhelming process, especially if you’re not comfortable making the ask. We give you a clear-cut plan to get there, suggest words to use in your emails, and provide other tips to make this process easier.

Request your free copy here!

Getting the right endorsements from the right people takes time and patience, but with follow-up and utilizing every connection you can think of, it is possible to land that one person who will give your book the boost you’re looking for.

Want more book marketing tips like this one? Check out our Book Marketing Action Guide for authors at any stage!

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